2012 Candidate Interview: William Capps (R-MD)

William T. Capps, Jr is one of the candidates vying to take on Ben Cardin in the 2012 GOP primary. Capps is an Army veteran with no prior political experience except for a bid for State Senate in 2010. According to his biography, he’s been through quite a bit – at certain points making less than $14k a year. That said, he’s never asked for or taken a handout from the government. I contacted Capps and asked him a few questions about his views on the issues and his campaign. What follows are his answers.

Matthew R. Newman: What made you decide to consider a bid for US Senate?
William T. Capps, Jr: I’m tired of seeing Maryland families struggle for the necessities of every day life. Our culture is turning into one of entitlements instead of personal responsibility. I see the changes that are occurring everyday, and I cannot sit idly by and allow Maryland families to be pushed to the wayside. I have decided to run for US Senate in 2012 because our country is at a crossroads, and on the brink of economic and social collapse. We need to get back to citizen representation instead of career politicians and special interest groups.

MRN: What about you personally makes you uniquely qualified for this role?
WTC: Everyday, Maryland families are finding it harder and harder to balance their obligations. I understand those fears and frustrations. I have been through those same struggles, and I will always put Maryland families first.

MRN: How difficult do you feel it will be to compete in the primary against other higher profile candidates, such as 2010 candidate Eric Wargotz?
WTC: I feel that I am the only true candidate to be able to stand up and fight for Maryland families against Senator Ben Cardin, and I will not leave the fight early!!

MRN: What grade would you give our incumbent Senator and why?
WTC: I give Senator Cardin a “D” for delinquency in serving the state of Maryland and putting its families first.

MRN: If elected, what would be the first piece of legislation you would introduce?
WTC:Provide federal funding to institute E-verify nationwide.

MRN: The filibuster is sometimes a more controversial measure in the US
Senate. What is your opinion on this procedure?
WTC: The filibuster is a parliamentary tool that Senators have at their disposal to use against questionable legislation, and to allow more dialogue to take place. I would not hesitate to use this if need be.

MRN: What qualifications would you look for, for a potential Supreme Court nominee?
WTC: One who has a clear history of constitutional temperament and who does not legislate from the bench his or her political views.

MRN: What is your opinion of Paul Ryan’s recent budget proposal?
WTC: Unless we take our debt problem seriously now, we won’t have the time it will take to implement Chairman Ryan’s budget. That is why I support a constitutional amendment to balance the budget and would vote no on raising the debt ceiling.

MRN: Would you mind explaining to me what you feel are the three most important issues facing our country?
WTC: It is impossible to just pick three, so here are my concerns: The national debt, jobs, trade, China, and national security. All are interconnected, I cannot just pick three. To do so will not solve the issues we as a nation are facing.

MRN: What is your opinion on the Libyan situation?
WTC: We should not be the world’s police force without being compensated for it. I do not think we should have gone into Libya; they are not a national security threat.

MRN: If the 2012 Presidential primary were held today, who would you support and why?
WTC: I am undecided at this time. However, I can tell you this: I want a President that understands the serious problem we have with China. I want a President that has America first on his mind, and puts economic, energy, and national security issues at the top of his agenda. I want a President, as well as a Congress, that does not permit this country to have to depend on other nations to operate our government by way of loans. I want a President that will have the Federal Reserve audited so all Americans can see where these loans go so that we know what our liabilities are, should they not be paid. I want a President that will crack down on those who are unlawfully in our country.

MRN: In closing, what is one thing you want to ensure that potential primary voters know about your candidacy?
WTC: I want all Marylanders to know that I, William Capps, will always fight for and put our families first. My loyalty will be to all Maryland families, not a political party or process.

I thank Mr. Capps for his time and wish him luck in the primary. If you’d like to learn more, check out his official website here.

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