Baltimore County Redistricting: Predominantly Democratic Donors

The County Council has announced their redistricting team. One Republican on the list, Robert Latshaw. The rest? Well, let’s see.

We have Jim Gillis who is a former special assistant to outgoing Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith, a Democratic aide to a Democratic County Executive.

We have Dunbar Brooks, who donated $500 to Ruppersberger and $250 to Obama in 2008. According to the State Board of Elections, Dunbar has also donated to a number of Democratic / liberal causes in the past including $200 to a “Progressive Reform PAC” and $500 when former Teacher’s Union President Pat Foerster ran for public office. Here’s a screenshot from the MD Board of Election’s site of Brooks’ donations since 2002.

Next, we have Ed Crizer, who donated to a few candidates running for Congress in Maryland’s 2nd Congressional district in the past; both Democrats. He’s also donated quite a bit locally – with $800 to County Council member John Olszewski, Sr, who appointed him to the Board of Appeals in 2009; $340 to Olszewski, Jr, the County Counciman’s son and incumbent Delegate; $1,350 to Governor O’Malley; and $500 to incumbent, Democratic County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. Here’s a screenshot from the MD Board of Election’s site of Crizer’s donations since 2002.

The final choice is Anne Neal, who’s an attorney and owner of the legal recruiting firm Neal Consulting. Neal’s a smaller donor, only approximately $270 in the 2010 election cycle to local Democratic causes. Other than that, she has had few other donations in the past.

What’s fairly clear about this is a few things. First – Olszewski clearly values loyalty in who he appoints to posts. Second – John Olszewski, Sr’s County Council seat is going nowhere. And third, Republicans may have a harder time in 2014 if the majority of Democratic connected personnel on this committee have their way.

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