No, NY-26 is Not NY-23

In 2009, a special election arose in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. Behind closed doors, the GOP decided to pick who they felt was the best candidate to face off in the general election, they picked a liberal Republican Assemblywoman with skeletons in her closet, Dede Scozzafava. The Conservative Party, annoyed that they picked one of the few people they would not be willing to endorse, stood proudly behind Doug Hoffman in that special election. Many other conservative organizations nationwide supported Hoffman and he rose in the polls. I did too. Scozzafava, proving everyone right about her, endorsed the Democrat who won the special election.

This year, Chris Lee in NY-26 resigned his seat in scandal. The Republican Party, trying to avoid the mistakes of NY-23, have picked a different candidate – they picked AssemblywomanJane Corwin. Who’s Jane Corwin? She’s a member of the NYS Assembly with high marks from business groups and the NRA. In 2010, she received some of the highest ratings from anyone in the New York State Assembly by the Conservative Party of New York. As a former small business owner, she understands the issues facing these companies and the problems with red tape in federal and state Government. Even Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long said that she’s the frontrunner for his party’s line.

So, what’s the problem? Some people have a problem with her stance on abortion, which isn’t 100% pro-life all the time. CPNYS Chair Long doesn’t have a problem with that, saying, “…[W]e’re not a single issue party.” David Bellavia is considering a run for this seat, trying to find a way to get himself on the ballot. I ask him to not do so. In the words of Eerie County CPNYS Chair Lorigo, “…[T]his is not the 23rd district. It’s not the Hoffman situation, we don’t have a liberal running. It doesn’t line up that way.”

Corwin is an acceptable candidate. She’s solid on fiscal issues, which are the most critical issues our nation are facing at this moment. Corwin will stand with the GOP. She’s an 84% conservative according to the CPNYS, which is FAR better than the 15% Scozzafava received in 2008, the year before running in NY-23. This is not NY-23. Bellavia is not a conservative hero if he runs in the Special Election, he’s going to hurt our chances of retaining that seat and is part of the problem. Corwin is not Scozzafava and Bellavia is not Hoffman. Corwin can win and is an excellent choice. Let’s get behind her.

Cross-posted to Old Line Elephant.