Festivus 2010

This time every year, we gather around the metal pole and celebrate Festivus – the made up holiday from Seinfeld discussing our grievances. As is tradition – I will air mine. I’m disappointed in all of the following people.

Harry Reid / Nancy Pelosi – Despite leading their respective caucuses to historic loses in the House and Senate, the two of them acted as though the people hadn’t spoken and decided to use a lame duck session filled with people who lost reelection to force through legislation the American people did not ask for. The people have spoken, they didn’t listen. That is why they lost power this year. I’m disappointed that they did not hear the voice of the people. I’m disappointed that instead of trying to help remove the restrictions federally that are in place to our businesses, or focusing on how to rebuild our economy – they decided to focus on pet issues that the liberal base wanted to see completed – healthcare “reform,” Don’t Ask / Don’t Tell, immigration reform, food safety – issues that won’t bring a single job back to the US. Issues that were not pressing.Barack Obama – I wanted one thing out of an Obama Presidency – a non-divisive President. Apparently, he can’t even do that. He’s been as divisive as Bush before him, many Americans even would prefer we still had Bush as President. That’s bad, considering the approval ratings Bush had when he left office.

Joe Miller – I supported Miller in the primary against Murkowski. He ran a spirited campaign and came from behind to win. He had a solid, conservative platform and was the official Republican nominee in the general. He lost, which was disappointing, but he lost to a fellow Republican / incumbent US Senator. Once all the votes were tallied – he should have stepped aside and accepted the loss. This would have set him up to run against the Democratic incumbent in 2014. Instead, he’s been dragging the election on…and on…and on with legal issues. Miller is destroying any good will he may have still had among voters and ruining his chance to get into the US Senate. It’s incredibly disappointing because, despite all this, I still think he would have been a good US Senator.

Bob Ehrlich – I liked Bob Ehrlich. I voted for Bob Ehrlich and I don’t regret that vote. His run for Governor was viewed as the Republicans best chance of recapturing the Governor’s mansion. It wasn’t. He wasn’t great in the debates – the anger between the two Governors was obvious and was the headline instead of the issues. And he still owes each of us who actively supported him in the election a better explanation for the robo-call situation. We’ll probably never get one – and that’s disappointing.

Cam Cameron – Seriously – running Ray Rice every single opening play is full of epic failure. You need to learn how to mix up the plays better – or give up and let the Ravens hire someone better. Someone who will let Joe Flacco throw. Someone who will realize that the old, “hand Ray Rice the ball and pray it’ll work…” doesn’t work every single time. I’m disappointed.

NRSC / RNC – The RNC did not fully fund their traditional 72 hour program, which is disappointing and could have helped close candidates in close races such as in Nevada, Alaska, Colorado, and Washington. The NRSC continued to early endorse candidates pre-primary and failed to fully fund eventual winners. Ken Buck should have won in Colorado, Dino Rossi should have won in Washington, Miller should have won in Alaska. They didn’t. Instead of providing last minute funds to people within single digits…they donated last minute to candidates who lost by almost double digits in California. That was disappointing – that was poor strategy – that should not have happened.

The Writers of The Office – I was looking forward to this season of The Office. The problem? It’s been boring so far. Michael’s become awkward and a little creepy. Jim and Pam are no longer interesting. Angela and Dwight’s relationship went too far. The love triangle involving Andy Bernard, Erin, and the third uninteresting character from corporate is barely played up and, when it is, it’s uninteresting. Erin’s the only fun part of the show – she’s had the best lines this season and has been the only one who’s been consistently funny. That’s a shame, because there are a lot of funny actors / actresses on that show. Fix it in 2011, please.

Doug Hoffman – In 2009, Doug Hoffman was a conservative hero. With no primary and behind closed doors, the local GOP selected a candidate for a special election in a safe Republican seat who was a liberal. Hoffman said no and ran on the Conservative Party line. It was fine in the special election – it was, effectively, the equivalent to the primary since one did not take place. In 2010, he ran in the primary just as he wanted to have happen in 2009. He failed. Instead of dropping out post-primary to allow the Conservative Party to select the Republican nominee – he didn’t…until after the drop date, making it so that he remained on the ballot in the general. When the Republican lost by less than 1/3 the vote that Hoffman received on his 3rd party line that he wasn’t actually running on – it’s his fault that we lost that seat.

Martin O’Malley – You pretty much lied about Ehrlich’s record as Governor and never got called out on it. He also has put our debt in state while increasing our taxes, and already said tax increases are on the table for next year. O’Malley is a poor Governor and will be remembered as such. Period.

Now, on to the feat’s of strength! Happy Festivus.

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