Write-In Jim Rutledge for Attorney General

Attorney General Doug Gansler (D) is one thing – a politician. He is currently using the post of Attorney General to enforce his political views on the people of Maryland. In March, I wrote an article on the topic after he, by decree, changed the status of same-sex marriages performed outside of Maryland. This is not his job, it’s that of the legislature and shows an arrogance that disgusts me. In 4 years, he will be running for Governor and I wish he could be defeated now. Sadly, the Republicans do not have a candidate to face him – he’s going unopposed this year. I plan to be writing in Jim Rutledge and I ask you to do so too.

Rutledge was a US Senate candidate who lost in the primary by a close margin to Eric Wargotz. Here’s a quick summary of his background: 24 years experience practicing law working in variety of experiences in small business law, criminal defense, felony prosecution in a District Attorney’s office, business litigation, civil rights litigation, and health care litigation; and stands firm as a strict constructionist when it comes to Constitutional interpretation. I interviewed Rutledge back during the primary season and he displayed a firm understanding of the issues, the Constitution, and conservative principles. In addition to that – he supports term limits, strong supporter of the Constitutional right to bear arms, and referred to the Constitution as a “…beautiful cage created by our founders…” to reign in our government. I like that in an Attorney General.

Now, Rutledge isn’t running – he’s not even an official write-in candidate. But, Rutledge is a) qualified for the job as a Lawyer in good standing who lives in Maryland and b) is a conservative Republican who understands the Constitutional limits of the job. The same can not be said for the incumbent. As a State’s Attorney, he was reprimanded for his conduct in 2003 and spent a great deal of taxpayer money on show trials. As Attorney General, Gansler displayed an arrogance of character by acting like he can write the law.

A while ago, I suggested Rutledge run for Attorney General – but the man proved himself to be an excellent US Senate candidate. In 4 years, I hope he considers a run for AG – but until then, I plan to write him in. I hope you consider it too. With no Republican alternative – we need to unite and write-in one candidate. It will send a message to Gansler that while he ran unopposed, he is not universally accepted. I early voted today and wrote him in – I ask that you consider doing the same.

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