Draft John Bolton 2012

I’m going to start the movement right now. Former United Nations Ambassador is an articulate spokesman for conservatism. He’s got a great presence and an even better mustache. I say we draft him for 2012. No, not for President – here in Maryland for US Senate.

Bolton is currently a resident of Bethesda, Maryland. He’s lived in Maryland for a good portion of his life, being born in Baltimore in 1948. The Maryland man has served in multiple roles in the Reagan and both Bush administrations. A partial list includes serving as United Nations Ambassador (2005-2006), Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security (2001-2005), Assistant Secretary for INternational Organization Affairs at the Department of State (1989-1993), Assistant Attorney General (1985-1989), Assitant Administrator for Program and Policy Coordination (1982-1983), and General Counsel USAID (1981-1982). From 1997 to 2000, Bolton worked with James Baker with the UN Secretary-General for Western Sahara. He has a wealth of foreign policy and federal governmental experience which would make him a welcome addition to the nation’s highest deliberative body.

Now most know Bolton as the military hawk / foreign policy candidate. What many forget is that Bolton is active in other conservative pursuits. He’s a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, is actively involved in both the National Rifle Association and Council for National Policy, and was involved in the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom. His conservative bona fides are undeniable making him a conservative with all three legs of the proverbial stool.

Bolton also brings with him connections to the Bush administration and could potentially access the political fundraising power of Bush and his allies, which would be critical in a campaign against an incumbent US Senator in Maryland. The incumbent, is former Congressman Ben Cardin. Cardin has served in office since 2006 when he faced current GOP Party Chairman and then Lieutanant Governor Michael Steele. Cardin defeated Steele, but not by the insane margins that Mikulski fends off foes. Cardin supported Obamacare, has a 0% rating from NRTL, and has received F’s and other low ratings from the National Taxpayers Union. His lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union as of 2009…was 5%. Bolton can go after Cardin on his fiscal views and his support of Obamacare, which may continue to be toxic in 2012 as taxes and healthcare costs rise. He also does not have a great many policy positions on paper – so while we all know he’s conservative, he can truly define his own platform in 2012 as a pragmatic conservative, foreign policy juggernaut.

I have no idea if this is likely to happen, but, I think that Bolton would be an interesting candidate for US Senate. He definitely has the experience and the conservative values that Republicans in Maryland are looking for. He could come in this race as a force to be reckoned with and, frankly, he’d be an awesome candidate. Let the movement start here – let’s draft Bolton for US Senate. Who’s with me?

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