Why I Will Vote for Eric Wargotz

A while back, I wrote an article explaining why I wasn’t planning to vote for Eric Wargotz in the primary. Since that point – quite a few things have changed, not the least of which is the fact that he won the primary for US Senate. I congratulate Dr. Wargotz on his primary victory and plan to vote for him in the general election. What has changed? I’ll tell you.

1. He’s Not a “Birther Candidate” – One of my concerns was Wargotz on camera stating his questions of where the President was born. Apart from one isolated comment, Wargotz has had no mention of birtherism on his campaign. While the comment was misguided, is not enough to discredit his entire campaign. Dr. Wargotz does not believe that Obama is ineligible to be President, so as he said, “It’s a moot point.” So is this entire “birther” issue.

2. Amatuer Hour is Over – Early on, Dr. Wargotz’s campaign made a couple missteps regarding polling data. Since then, they’ve rallied and went from a third string operation to a first string campaign. His recent “insidersaurus” ads are brilliant and will help raise his name recognition with a comical attack on the incumbent. The Wargotz campaign has shown an amazingly growth in its skill since the polling data incident. I’m now willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that it was just a rookie mistake. With their more polished campaign, I think Wargotz has a better chance. I feel that the Jewish Times article falls into this same category. The comments “made” by Dr. Wargotz in that article seemed out of place with his platform. They seemed out of place with any interview I’ve seen of him. They just, all around, seemed out of place. Dr. Wargotz has since stated that he was taken out of context / misquoted. Since then, there have been no misquotes or misstatements from his campaign. Wargotz has been on message the entire time. Again – it showed the weakness of his early campaign versus the strength he has built later on in his campaign. I think the Wargotz campaign has improved quite a bit since its early days, I’m ready to be impressed.

3. He’s the Nominee – He’s the Republican nominee now and the primary voters have spoken. I may have liked Rutledge better, but I’m ready to support Eric Wargotz in the general election. We need a better voice in Washington than Barbara Mikuslki because she’s been in office forever and is incredibly liberal. Eric Wargotz is the candidate and he’s polling better than others.

I wish Dr. Wargotz luck in the general – as I said up front, I will now be voting for Eric Wargotz in the general election. The primary is over and it’s time to get to work as a team. Dr. Wargotz is part of that team and I hope my comments earlier in the primary do not harm his general election chances.

Rutledge has gotten in line and endorsed Wargotz – and this Rutledge fan is ready to do the same. Let’s take on Mikulski and hand her a pink slip.

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