My Primary Votes: 2010

Here’s a listing of the articles I’ve written so far and the list of my other votes in contested GOP primaries for local GOP leadership.

Governor: Brian Murphy
Comptroller: William Campbell
US Senate: Jim Rutledge
Congress: Troy Stouffer
Baltimore County Clerk of the Court: Richard Reinhardt
Baltimore County Sheriff: Raymond Boccelli

Here are my votes for Republican Party leadership:

Baltimore County GOP Chairman: Chris Cavey – Cavey is the current chairman and is doing a fine job. His opponent, Tony Campbell, was actively involved in Republicans for Obama which, to me, should automatically disqualify him for the post. Baltimore County is one of the only places that elects its Party Chairman – we need to make sure we have one who actually sticks with our candidate.
Baltimore County GOP District 7 Central Committee Member: Paul M. Blitz, Justin A. Jones, Matthew Ryan Newman, “Woody” Herman Wood – First, Paul Blitz is currently an alternate Central Committee member and a previous candidate for House of Delegate. Blitz is an amazing speaker and articulate on the issues. That and he already understands Central Committee makes him a good choice. Justin Jones is a young Republican who currently serves as an alternate to the GOP Central Committee. We need more active younger Republicans involved at all levels – and Justin Jones who’s actively campaigning, posting signs all over the district, may be a good new voice in the party. Matthew Newman…is me. I’m voting for myself because I want to help this party that I’ve spent my time fighting for. I want to help elect more Republicans. I want to help the Baltimore County GOP become more active in reaching out to younger voters. I want to help them build up an active, online presence. I want to see a stronger GOP in Baltimore County, and I want to help in that process. I’m also voting for Woody who’s an incumbent Central Committee member and who has attended nearly every single event throughout this part of the County to show his solidarity with Republican candidates. He loves this party and he’s great at what he does.

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