My Primary Vote: Baltimore County Clerk / Sheriff

There are two contested countywide primaries on the Republican side in Baltimore County – Sheriff and Clerk of the Circuit Court. Both are important positions and we need people in those roles who fully understand the position and are able to get going on day one. We also need people who can energize voters and can win in the general election. I am convinced that I have found candidates for both positions who meet those requirements.

Clerk of the Circuit Court
For Clerk of the Circuit Court, Republicans need a candidate who knows the post, is energetic enough to campaign cross-county, and who knows how to campaign in a modern election. Richard Reinhardt is that candidate. Reinhardt has clever slogans and clever advertising. I interviewed him early on and his grasp of the issues, the position, and how he would help the people of Baltimore County was impressive. Reinhardt has his law degree and currently serves as a legislative aide providing him with the experience necessary to interact with State government. He also has a solid platform with ideas to modernize the office, which is desperately needed. In addition to his experience and platform, Reinhardt brings something to the table that the other candidates do not – youth. Reinhardt is ~32 years old – and we need more young Republicans running for office. We need to build up a Republican “farm team” for the future – and I feel that Reinhardt will play a role in the future of Republican politics in Baltimore County. This win may only be the beginning. If you would like to know more about Richard Reinhardt, check out his website. Also, any article I post about Reinhardt is not complete unless I link to his art website – it’s great, so check that out too to see some additional depth to the man I hope to be our next County Clerk.

For Sheriff of Baltimore County, Republicans have two good options – Raymond Boccelli and Richard Parron. Parron has 10 years of experience on the Baltimore County Police Force. He’s active in the local community and wants to increase options for continued education in criminal justice by young members of the force. That’s nice, but Boccelli’s platform is more detailed and more impressive. Boccelli is a 15 year veteran of the Baltimore County Police Force and previously served in the US Army for 20 years. Boccelli wants to have an open, transparent police force that provides its employees with realistic pay based on merit and the best equipment available. He’s also got a solid platform on illegal immigration. I’ll let Boccelli say it himself

Illegal immigration is a serious issue that must be confronted, dealt with, and monitored. Maryland ranks thirteenth in the country and Baltimore County ranks third highest in illegal immigration (http://somd.com/news/headlines/2010). Individuals incarcerated in Baltimore County will have fingerprints checked against FBI, ICE and Homeland Security databases. Baltimore County will not be a safe haven for Illegal Immigrants and will not take jobs from those U.S. citizens and legal immigrants residing and raising families in our County. A close partnership with ICE will be established ensuring complete, timely, and accurate exchange of information and continued communication will take place.

Boccelli realizes the issues facing our County and has a means of tackling it. I hope to hear more about his platform in the general election, so I will be voting for Boccelli in the primary. If you’d like to learn more about Boccelli, check out his official website here.

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