MD-02 Congressional Debate Followup

On Monday, there was a debate between all five of the Republican hopefuls in Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District at the Towson Public Library, moderated by yours truly. Below are links to the audio from the event and my thoughts on each of the five candidates.

Debate Audio:

Debate Audio Part 1
Debate Audio Part 2
Debate Audio Part 3

My Thoughts on the Candidates

Marcelo Cardarelli – I was very interested in hearing Dr. Cardarelli speak, and I was not disappointed. He had thorough responses to my questions and questions from the audience. Cardarelli impressed me with his wit and his personal story could resonate with voters in the general election.
Josh Dowlut – Dowlut had a very detailed platform, copies of which he handed out to the audience before the start of the debate. His responses to the questions were passionate, energetic, and detailed. They also were heterodox on certain issues, particularly illegal immigration where Dowlut and I generally don’t agree. His reference of Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America’s Future as “smoke and mirrors” won’t make him any fans among Ryan fans, which are many among the conservative grassroots – myself included.
Jimmy Mathis – Mathis was a good speaker. He passionately explained his answers on the issues defending conservative principles. His experience with television was obvious as he answered the questions from the crowd.
Troy Stouffer – Stouffer was a polished candidate with a straightforward style. His comments on the issues are in line with the conservative grassroots and would resonate among activists. He specifically mentioned his strong support for Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for America’s Future and helped maintain the friendly atmosphere of the debate.
Francis Treadwell – Treadwell was soft spoken and had short his answers. He rarely used the full amount of time allotted, but still provided detailed substance in his responses. He had a good grasp on the issues, but was not very energetic.

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