Things I Like About Brian Murphy

As I’ve stated before, I like Brian Murphy for Governor of Maryland. I support him and will vote for him in the primary. Many of his critics like to claim that Murphy doesn’t have much in the way of a platform except that he’s the “true conservative” in the race. It’s untrue – Murphy has stated some specific proposals that I like and that is part of the reason I plan to vote for him in the primary. What follows are my specific reasons why I like him.

1. Support Phase-out of the Corporate Income Tax – While Ehrlich is touting his support for changing our sales tax by 1%, Murphy has been proposing a complete phase-out of the state’s corporate income tax. Currently, the tax rate is 8.25% on businesses. Surrounding States? DE: 8.7% VA: 6%, DC: 9.975% PA: 9.99%. Our current corporate income tax rate is around the same as DE’s rate. Removing it entirely would make us far more competitive and promote the establishment of new business into our state. But, what would the State lose in terms of revenue? 2% of State revenue. Murphy feels that with organic growth and cut of basic waste – it will pay for itself rather quickly.2. Auto-Pay Cut for Self as Governor and Top Staff – The Governor of Maryland makes $150,000 annually. A 25% pay cut would be an income drop of $37,500. While it may not seem like much – it will add up and when added to the 25% from his staff and LG, it will add up quick. It’s also a symbolic gesture showing the people of Maryland that the Governor is willing to sacrifice along with you in these difficult times.

3. Tough Stance on Illegal Immigration – Murphy supports a similar law to the Arizona immigration legislation here in Maryland. In fact, 49% of Maryland voters support having the same type of legislation passed in Maryland, with 16% undecided. His tough stance on immigration got the attention of conservative Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

4. His Business Background – While some have attacked his business background, the article from Business Week giving description of it is impressive. His building up of Smith Island Baking is impressive and important to the people of Smith Island. And, while having a State cake may seem silly – the revenue this simple and minimal cost gesture has helped bring to a remote section of the State is not silly to them.

5. I’ve Heard Him Speak – It’s hard to really comment on any candidate until you’ve met them or hear them speak. The same can be said for Murphy. To be honest, I was planning to write him off until I heard him honestly speak on the issues. He’s a good speaker who can energize a crowd and excite supporters in a way I haven’t seen some Republicans do in Maryland. I like his speaking style and I think when others meet him, they will to.

If you’re interested in learning more about Murphy – check out his website. At this point, he needs all the support he can get in the primary. It’s going to be an uphill battle – but I like his candidacy and what he stands for, so I think it’s a fight worth having.

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