My Primary Vote: Maryland Comptroller

Comptroller is an important position that not enough people pay attention to. It’s the least understood of the three elected Statewide offices – but just as important as Attorney General and Governor. Our incumbent, Peter Franchot, is a politician by trade and occupation, using the Comptroller’s post as a podium to eventually run for Governor. His constant clashes with O’Malley are meant to show that he’s different than your average Democrat. To challenge such a man, the Republican Party of Maryland needs a serious candidate who can point to a wealth of credentials. This man is William Campbell.

The Comptroller is effectively the Chief Financial Officer of the State of Maryland playing a critical role in how our money is taken in and how it’s spent. The Comptroller sits on a number of State boards which approve much of what the State purchases. It’s important not only to have a person in that role who is fiscally conservative – but also one who has the experience necessary to understand the role. While I admire Brendan Madigan‘s enthusiasm, a recent high school graduate does not have the skill set necessary to take on the fiscal issues facing the State of Maryland – William Campbell can.

Campbell is no politician – he’s just a man with a wealth of experience as a Chief Financial Officer. Where has he been CFO? The Coast Guard, Amtrak, and U.S. the Department of Veterans Affairs where he also served as Assistant Secretary of Management. Twice, Campbell was elected President of the American Society of Military Comptrollers. In addition to his public sector work, Campbell has worked extensively in the private sector providing him with 20 years worth of experience as CFO over budgets that exceed that of the State of Maryland. As Red Maryland pointed out – “William Campbell may be the most qualified individual to run for Comptroller in the history of Maryland.”

Campbell’s wealth of experience make him a solid candidate for the role of Maryland Comptroller and his answers to my questions prove a very thorough understanding of the role of Comptroller and how he would use his position to help our State. If he gets through the primary, Campbell will face off against a consumate politician. Peter Franchot, like Attorney General Gansler, is using this lesser followed statewide position to springboard himself into the Governor’s mansion in a post-O’Malley 2014 race. That’s no reason to be Comptroller and that’s not why Campbell wants to be Comptroller. Campbell wouldn’t use the post as a springboard – he’d use it as a means to help bring our finances back on track.

Campbell has the experience and the ideas necessary to help get our state back on track. Can he take down Peter Franchot in the general election? People pay far less attention to the Comptroller’s race than any other statewide race and with Republican voters emboldened this year, he just might be able to pull it off. If you’d like to learn more about his candidacy, check out his official website here. Please also consider donating to Campbell.

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