Maryland Right to Life 2010 Endorsements

Maryland Right to Life PAC has announced their list of endorsed candidates for 2010 pre-primary. This includes endorsements for House of Delegates, State Senate, US Senate, Congress, and Governor. According to MD RTL “…[a]dditional endorsements may be forthcoming.” What follows is a copy of the list. I’ve included links to the gubernatorial and Congressional candidates for reference.

Gubernatorial Ticket: Brian Murphy / Mike Ryman (R)
U.S. Senator: Jim Rutledge (R)
United States Congress — Congressional Districts

District 1: Andrew Harris (R)
District 5: Collins Bailey (R)
District 6: Roscoe Bartlett (R)
District 8: Michael Philips (R)

Maryland State Senate — Legislative Districts

District 1: George Edwards (R)
District 2: Don Munson (R)
District 3: Alexander Mooney (R)
District 4: David Brinkley (R)
District 6: Norman Stone (D)
District 7: J.B. Jennnings (R) / Alfred Redmer (R)
District 8: Dee Hodges (R)
District 9: Alan Kittleman (R)
District 12: Rick Martel (R)
District 13: Kyle Lorton (R)
District 23: Douglas J.J. Peters (D)
District 26:- Anthony Muse (D)
District 29: Roy Dyson (D)
District 31: Bryan Simonaire (R)
District 32: Ed DeGrange (D)
District 33: Ed Reilly (R)
District 34: Nancy Jacobs (R)
District 35: Barry Glassman (R)
District 37: Richard Colburn (R)
District 39: Robert J. Smith (R)
District 42: Kevin Carney (R)

State House of Delegates

District 1A: Wendell Beitzel (R)
District 1C: LeRoy Myers (R)
District 2A: Andrew Serafini (R)
District 2C: John Donoghue (D)
District 3A: Patrick Hogan (R)
District 3B: Michael Hough (R)
District 4A: Paul Stull (R) & Kelly Schulz (R)
District 4B: Donald Elliott (R)
District 5A: Nancy Stocksdale (R)
District 5B: Wade Kach (R)
District 6: Joseph “Sonny” Minnick (D), Jake Mohorovic (D), & Rick Metzgar (R)
District 7: Patrick McDonough (R), Rick Impallaria (R), & Kathy Szeliga (R)
District 8: Joe Boteler (R) & John Cluster (R)
District 9A: Gail Bates (R) & Warren Miller (R)
District 9B: Susan Krebs (R)
District 10: Emmett Burns (D)
District 28: Mike Phillips (R)
District 29A: John Wood (D) & Joe DiMarco (R)
District 29C: Anthony O’Donnell (R)
District 30: Ron George (R) & Herb McMillan (R)
District 31: Don Dwyer (R), Steven Schuh (R), & Nicolaus Kipke (R)
District 32: Theodore Sophocleus (D)
District 33A: Tony McConkey (R) & David Boschert (R)
District 33B: Bob Costa (R)
District 34A: Glen Glass (R) & Patrick McGrady (R)
District 35A: Wayne Norman (R) & Donna Stifler (R)
District 35B: Susan McComas (R)
District 36: Michael Smigiel (R) & Richard Sossi (R)
District 37B: Jeannie Haddaway (R)
District 42: Susan Aumann (R); John C. Fiastro, Jr.; & Bill Frank (R)
District 45: Jamaal Simpson (D)
District 47: Anthony Cicoria (D) & Rachel Audi (R)

Here’s the breakdown by party of MD RTL’s endorsements for State Legislature:

State Senate
5 Democrats, 17 Republicans
House of Delegates
8 Democrats, 40 Republicans

It’s interesting which Congressional districts do not have endorsements. Then again – MD RTL said more endorsements are forthcoming.

That said, congratulations to the great pro-life candidates endorsed by MD RTL.

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