2010 Candidate Interview: Bruce Kahl (R-MD)

Bruce Kahl is the Republican candidate running for State Senate in Maryland’s 6th Legislative District. He will be facing either Jordan Hadfield or Norm Stone in November – and is ready for either. I asked him to tell a little about himself and answer some of my questions. Kahl provided the following biography:

Bruce Kahl is running for Maryland Senate in Maryland’s 6th Legislative District. Kahl is a retired LTC of the US Army and Maryland National Guard with 28 years of service. Kahl has held the positions of President for eight years of the Maryland National Guard Association and is currently their Executive Director. He has been working in Annapolis for the past 10 years as the Military Legislative Chairman for the Maryland Guard Association. He is a member of the American Legion, Military Officers Association, Vietnam Veterans Association, Patapsco High PTSA and 175th Regimental Association. Since his military retirement he worked as the Director of Operations of a national ambulance company and since 2003 has been the Senior Army Instructor and teacher at Patapsco Senior High School. He is a trained group facilitator, a union teacher, a union printing press operator, a landlord and a small business owner. He has is active on Facebook page He was raised in Dundalk attending local public schools (Berkshire, Holabird, Dundalk, and now Sollers Point Technical) until he enlisted in the Maryland National Guard and has lived in Essex and Middle for river for the last 36 years.

His responses to my questions are as follows.

Matthew Newman: What made you decide to run for State Senate?
Bruce Kahl: I have had many interactions with our elected officials in Annapolis and felt that we are not being represented that way we should be. Our district has taken many economic hits in the past 40 years and nothing has been done to remedy the shortfalls. We need a new vision and plan for our district. People should have a choice who they want and we need a change. up to the plate.

MRN: How do you feel your experiences / background will help you in the State Senate?
BK: What we need in Annapolis is leadership. I have been in leadership positions since i was 20 years old as a 2LT and after 4 commands you know how to get people to accomplish the task at hand. WE must work together to do what is best for the citizens of Maryland not for the elected officials. We have to be open to solutions to our challenges not just shut them down or hold them up because of politics and egos. I answer to the people I represent and they will have input into my decisions.

MRN: In 2010, Maryland voters will once again have the opportunity to vote to hold a Constitutional convention. Would you be in favor of a Constitutional convention?
BK: Definitely

MRN: If elected, what would be the first piece of legislation you would propose in the 2011 legislative session and why?
BK: Terms Limits on Offices held by Delegates and Senators. We have to allow a
periodic change to our system and allow a shifting of power. If one side can control everything nothing progresses and we all lose.

MRN: What do you feel is the most pressing issue facing the State of Maryland today?
BK: Economy. We have to help homeowners keep their homes and new home buyers to by their home. We must attract new businesses to Maryland and help existing business expand.

MRN: Not a lot of candidates in Maryland like to discuss social issues. That said, what is your stance on the current abortion regulations in Maryland?
BK: Pro choice for certain situations. No tax payer funding for abortions.

MRN: How do you feel the recently passed health care reform legislation will impact state spending?
BK: There is NO free ticket to anything. We will see unexpected costs that we
will not be able to pay for.

MRN: What is your opinion on incumbent State Senator Norm Stone (D) and his primary opponent, Jordan Hadfield (D)?
BK: Senator Stone is an icon and I have worked with him many times. He is a mentor to all who wish to achieve what he has done. Jordan is an energetic, determined and caring young man. He listens when people talk to him. That is what we need in Annapolis.

MRN: Here’s a random question – if we leapt ahead 2 years and the primary were held today, who would you like to see running for President against Obama?
BK: Tim Pawlenty

MRN: In closing, what is one thing you want to ensure potential voters know about your candidacy?
BK: I live and work in this district. I teach their children and I know what challenges we face. We need jobs by luring business to our district. We have plenty of open buildings with access to interstates and water ways. We are not using them. When elected, I will have quarterly community forums to listen to my neighbors who want to be heard. I am just one voice in Annapolis and I represent them for what they need not for what I need.

I thank Colonel Kahl for his honest answers to my questions. I previously interviewed Democratic hopeful Jordan Hadfield and if incumbent Senator Stone is interested, I’d be more than happy to ask him questions too.

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