MD-02 GOP Candidate Debate - 08/30/10

On August 30, 2010, the Republican candidates for Maryland’s Second Congressional District will meet for a debate / candidate forum moderated by me, Matthew Newman. The debate will include moderated questions and an open audience question and answer session. Currently, three of the five candidates will be in attendence. Below are brief biographies of each candidate and links to provide you with more information on them.

Jimmy MathisWebsite – Mathis has worked in broadcast news and is a licensed real estate agent. At 16, Mathis was the first student pilot to pilot an aricraft solo across the US. He has received 3 Emmy awards for his work in broadcast journalism in the Baltimore media market. Mathis previously ran for Congress in 2006 against Ruppersberger capturing 30% of the vote in a strongly Democratic year. Mathis believes that it is “…essential for the Federal government to become much more CONSERVATIVE, not necessarily more Republican.”
Josh DowlutWebsite, Interview – Dowlut is a 31 year old US Marine veteran (6) years and small business owner. He has been running a mortgage business as a loan officer for the past five years. He has no prior political exerpience and believes that “[o]ur government is taking positions that would be opposed by Adam Smith, by Karl Marx, and by Jesus Christ himself.”
Troy StoufferWebsite, Interview – Stouffer is a Navy veteran (6 years) who currently works for a medical device manufacturer. He has no prior political experience, but wants us to “…end the ignorant arrogance of the career politicians.” Stouffer is married and has four children. Stouffer was endorsed by iCaucus.

Two additional candidates will not be in attendence at the moment, Dr. Marcelo Cardarelli (Website, Interview) and Francis Treadwell. I wish all three of them the best of luck and hope to see some of my readers there!

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