If I Were President: My Cabinet

Back on my old blog, I used to ponder from time to time, how I would round off my cabinet were I President of the United States. I’ve decided to do that again and have come up with a nice list of people I nominate to fill in my Cabinet, were I somehow to suddenly become President. I plan to give little explanation – but allow the readers to make up their own decision as to the merit of each choice.

Vice President: Michael Yanulavich
Secretary of State: Randy Daniels
Secretary of Treasury: Mitt Romney
Secretary of Defense: David Petraeus
Attorney General: Fred D. Thompson
Secretary of the Interior: Sarah Palin
Secretary of Agriculture: Marlin Stutzman
Secretary of Commerce: Adam Andrzejewski
Secretary of Labor: Elaine Lan Chao
Secretary of Health and Human Services: John Barrasso
Secretary of Education: Jeb Bush
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Alison Asti
Secretary of Energy: Dr. George V. Chilingarian
Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Zell Miller
Secretary of Homeland Security: David Petraeus (unless there’s a law against this – if so, then Dick Cheney)
Chief of Staff: Mike Pence
Director of the Office of Management and Budget: Newt Gingrich
Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy: Gary Johnson
United States Trade Representative: Susan Schwab
Ambassador to the United Nations: John R. Bolton
Press Secretary: Brit Hume

I could not come up with a good choice for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency or Secretary of Transportation. Any suggestions would be appreciated – along with opinions on the choices selected above. Some are Bush officials, some are out there choices. Who would you put in your cabinet if you were President?

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