2010 Candidate Interview: Collins Bailey (R-MD)

Collins Bailey is one of the Republican candidates in Maryland’s 5th Congressional District fighting for the right to take on House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. Bailey is a member of the Charles County Board of Education who ran against Hoyer in 2008. Bailey’s been endorsed by iCaucus, Liberty Candidates, and by Congressman Ron Paul. Bailey said that if elected, he would not take any pay, benefits, or retirement and only serve two terms – which is a far cry from the incumbent who has collected quite a bit of our money in his nearly 30 years in office. Bailey was willing to answer some of my questions on the issues, his responses are as follows:

Matthew Newman: You ran against Steny Hoyer in 2008, what made you decide to challenge him again in 2010?
Collins Bailey: I filed to run for Congress in October of 2007 because of the direction our country was heading. I saw a train wreck coming from the lack of federal fiscal responsibility and the out of control spending that has gone on this decade. In fact it has gotten worse since I ran in filed in 2007. Before filing, I made a multi-year, multi-election commitment. I am still committed to restoring our Constitutional heritage and bringing sanity back to our government. My message hasn’t changed since 2007 and is even more relevant today. I am still on the campaign trail and have been talking to people and informing voters since I first filed in 2007.

MRN: How would you rate the incumbent?
CB:He has described himself as a “tax, tax, spend, spend, liberal.” Those are his words, not mine. With the current projected deficit at $1.6 trillion dollars, I would say he has been very successful in promoting his agenda. I would give him a 97% on the wrong direction scale.

MRN: How do you feel your experiences would help you if elected?
CB:I know how to balance the budget. I have been and still am a lifelong student of our Founding Documents. I believe in our Constitution and will keep my oath to “preserve, protect, and defend it.”

MRN: If elected, what would be the first piece of legislation you would propose and why?
CB:To replace the current spending, (we don’t even have a budget anymore) with the 2006 budget as a spending limit. From there we can go to a zero based budget approach to weed out all the waste, fraud and unconstitutional spending.

MRN: On your website, you mention that you support the “Congressional Green Scissors Coalition.” I’m not familiar with this organization, can you tell us more about it and their free market approach to environmental policy?
CB: The Green Scissors Coalition focuses on cutting wasteful and environmentally harmful spending from the federal budget. The Federal government is actually subsidizing polluters.

MRN: On your website, you mention that you support repealing “Obamacare.” What specific free market reforms would you support in replace of it?
CB: Actually, it should be called the Pelosi/Hoyer mandated insurance plan. Health care must be addressed on multiple levels at the same time. All analysis must take into account quality, cost and availability. And all decisions must successfully cover those three components. Artificially imposed government obstructions to individual consumer choices have made health care more expensive while indirectly rationing its availability. I will vote for all Americans to have a full tax deduction for any healthcare related insurance and a full tax credit for any cash payments for healthcare.

MRN: Glad to see a Congressional candidate supporting term limits. Much of the earlier proposals I’ve seen for term limits propose 10-12 years for members of Congress. Why do you feel 2 terms for members of the House and 1 term for the US Senate are necessary?
CB: The American voters need to keep their “Representatives” on a short leash. In order to stay focused on representing the voters, elected officials need to run for a different office or step out for a while. To do otherwise changes elected service from a duty to a career. Even though it is not yet required by law, I have pledged to serve no more than 2 consecutive terms and those terms will be served without pay, benefits, or retirement.

MRN: What are your thoughts on the immigration debate surrounding the recently passed immigration related legislation in Arizona?
CB:It is almost fascinating to me that there is almost no discussion about the federal law. Why the hypocritical double standard from the Washington bureaucrats? The Arizona law is a more moderate state codification of federal law. I think this is one of many examples of pure partisan politics, (which is rampant today).

MRN: What is your opinion on HR 1207, the legislative proposal by Congressman Ron Paul to audit the Federal Reserve?
CB:I very strongly support auditing the Federal Reserve. This is another example of politicians not being forthright. There were 320 co-sponsors of HR1207. The majority that recently voted against a real audit were co-sponsors of HR1207.

MRN: What is one thing you want to ensure that potential voters know about you / your candidacy?
CB: I will obey the Constitution.

I thank Mr. Bailey for his time and his honest answers to my questions. If you like what you see here, check out Bailey’s official website here to learn more.

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