My Letter on Rutledge to Senate Conservative Fund

The Senate Conservative Fund is an important organization that has been fighting to elect conservatives to the US Senate. It’s currently chaired by conservative Republican superstar, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC). Their ultimate goal is to “…maximize freedom, security, and prosperity through conservative policies.” We need candidates who espouse those ideals across the country, that’s why I wrote them a letter imploring them to endorse Jim Rutledge in Maryland. What follows is a copy of that letter.

To Whom it May Concern:

This year, the American public has begun to awaken from their slumber and realize that many incumbents need to be reconsidered. Maryland, like every state in the union, is no different. In 2010, incumbent, liberal Senator Barbara Mikulski will be up for reelection. She has served in the Senate since 1987. Those born the year she was first elected to the US Senate will have their second opportunity to vote in an election with her on the ballot this year. That’s too long.

Enter Jim Rutledge (http://www.rutledgeforussenate.com/). Rutledge is a Constitutional lawyer who believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. He has an incredibly detailed, conservative platform and has a platform which would “…maximize freedom, security, and prosperity through conservative policies.” He is an impressive speaker with a fire in his belly that has long been missing in Maryland from conservative activists – and it’s resonating. I went to a candidate forum recent and the crowd could not get enough of Rutledge. He’s uncompromising in his values and is in this race to defeat Barbara Mikulski. He’s exactly the type of Constitutional conservative that we need in the Senate, but he needs some help.

In Maryland, it’s difficult to get off the ground as a Republican, but we can not let that deter us. Conservatives must not falter in their values, no matter where they reside. We can not write off any State or any race if we are to become a national conservative movement. Any race is winnable with the right candidate and I feel that Jim Rutledge is that candidate. We can win this race and we can send Barbara Mikulski home after 24 years in the US Senate.

Once again, I implore you to investigate Jim Rutledge and consider an endorsement in the US Senate race. The primary is in September and any help could make the difference. Thank you.

Matthew Newman
Conservative Blogger
Founder Old Line Elephant (http://www.oldlineelephant.com)

We can not give up any ground or any race. We must compete everywhere if we are going to rebuild the party. No one thought Scott Brown would win in Massachusetts in 2009. Who originally thought in early 2008 that Obama would win North Carolina and incumbent Senator Elizabeth Dole (R) would lose her reelection bid to Kay Hagan (D). Anything can happen and in a year like 2010, we need to be prepared with the right candidates and with the right message.

If you agree with me on Jim Rutledge contact the Senate Conservative Fund as well and please vote for him over at RightKlik to be this week’s Ten Buck Friday candidate.

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