Interview: Baltimore Area Young GOP Pres Trae Lewis

Recently, the Baltimore Area Young Republicans elected new leadership. The new President is a 26 year old, black writer from the Baltimore area. He’s recently upgraded their Twitter feed and has a lot of ideas on what he wants to do with the organization. Lewis was willing to sit down for an email-based interview, the first non-candidate I’ve interviewed on this site.

Matthew Newman:What made you get involved in Republican politics?
Trae J. Lewis: Since being young I always had a non biased (racial,sexual) etc opinion on issues. Pragmatic yet unwavering on fundamental stances. I saw the democrats or liberal establishment the opposite of this, so I went Republican

MRN: Why did you decide to run for President of the Baltimore Area Young Republicans?
TJL: I feel the Baltimore area, city in particular needs the destruction of one party one mind set government. Young republicans is a good start in that effort.

MRN: As the newly elected President, what are your goals for the organization?
TJL: To always disseminate real facts and figures regarding politics for the Baltimore area. To grow our membership. Voter registration. And most of all, helping elect GOP candidates.

MRN: What do you feel the Young Republican’s role will be in the upcoming Gubernatorial, State Legislative, and Congressional elections?
TJL: Mostly assistance. Spreading information, organizing events for candidates to speak to the public, and grass root campaigning

MRN: Maryland in general, and Baltimore City in particular, are not always. Republican friendly areas. How do you feel Republicans could make inroads in Maryland and, more specifically, in the Baltimore area?
TJL: Through education debunk myths and lies about the party. Inform voters of the performance or lack there of current elected officials.

MRN: With a few contested primaries in the area (MD-02, US Senate,Governor), do the Baltimore Area Young Republicans plan to endorse any candidates before the primary?
TJL: By constitution we can’t. We just support everyone.

MRN: What role do you feel new media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs) will play in the 2010 election cycle in Maryland?
TJL: Huge. People need to be talking elections and politics. Become passionate about it. Social mediums create that discussion and passion.

MRN: What do you feel Republicans in Maryland should do to better reach out to minority voters?
TJL: Education and performance. Educate voters on what republicanism is. What is conservatism is. To look at politics as a way of thought and not just race. And if elected perform in a matter which is unbiased, and not strictly party line driven.

MRN: In 2010, Maryland voters will once again have the opportunity to vote to hold a Constitutional convention. Would you be in favor of a Constitutional convention?
TJL: Yes, if and only if, the voters understand what it is and why they should have one.

MRN: What is one thing you want to make sure readers know about you and the Baltimore Area Young Republicans?
TJL: That our existence is to not just help elect GOP candidates, but inform the public about political issues as a whole. To help foster venues and events that bring ideas and plans together, for the betterment of our state, and not shouting matches and useless debate.

I thank Mr. Lewis for his time and am glad to see someone at the helm of this organization who’s ready to get out there and inform voters of how Republican values can help the people of Maryland. If you are in the Baltimore Area and want to learn more about the Baltimore Area Young Republicans, check them out on Twitter, on Facebook, or at their official website.

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