2010 GOP Hopefuls: Carmen Amedori

In 2010, the Republicans need a solid candidate to take on Barbara Mikulski. Why? The incumbent Senator has a) been in office for too long and has lost touch with her constituents; b) needs to be stopped for earmarking funds to top campaign contributors. Who can stop Mikulski? Previously, I had profiled Queen’s Anne County Commissioner, Dr. Eric Wargotz. Recently, a new challenger has arrived – former member of the Maryland House of Delegates Carmen Amedori.

Amedori served from 1999 until 2004 in the Maryland House of Delegates. She served on the Judiciary Committee in the House of Delegates and served as Deputy Minority Whip (2002), then as Assistant Minority Leader (2003). In 2004, then Governor Bob Ehrlich appointed Amedori to the Maryland Parole Commission (MPC). The MPC oversees matters pertaining to parole release and when appointed, Amedori becamse the first Republican to serve in 36 years. Her term expired at the end of 2009 and O’Malley did not reappoint her as far as I know. Prior to her political experience, Amedori was a paralegal and a reporter for the Baltimore Sun.

2004 was her last year in the House of Delegates, so the last round of bills she sponsored could give an interesting picture into where her political views lie. The first thing that pops out is her tough attitude on crime and her support of the right to defend your property. She also supports pro-life legislation. She also supported tort reform, gun rights, a ban on human cloning, and localized education control. All in all, this shows a decidedly conservative record on support of legislation.

NewsMeat has very few details on Amedori’s donation history – only noting a donation to McCain in 2008 and the Maryland GOP. Monoblogue pointed out Amedori’s lifetime rating from the Maryland Accountability Project, an independent conservative group, was 66. In comparison to her compatriots in the House of Delegates, Monoblogue states that “…put her among the top 10 conservatives in the House during the time.”

In the end, Amedori sounds like a conservative, Republican candidate. Can she run the right kind of campaign to defeat Mikulski? Only time will tell on that. She currently does not have an active, official website – but she is becoming active on Twitter if you would like to know more. I know that I would.

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