Andrzejewski for Congress?

In 2010, a conservative superstar was born in Adam Andrzejewski. He ran a spirited campaign for Governor of Illinois with a great deal of grassroots support that, sadly, lost the GOP primary. For the politically inexperienced Andrzejewski, the fact that he received 14.5% in the GOP primary is actually a major accomplishment considering he began the primary season polling around 2%. Conservatives have shown an affinity to Andrzejewski and it would be disappointing if his promising political ambitions end with the loss in this campaign. My suggestion? Run for Congress in 2012.

Andrzejewski currently resides in Illinois’ 13th District, which is currently represented by 72 year old Republican Congresswoman Judy Biggert. Biggert is a member of the Republican Mainstreet Partnership and Republicans for Choice. While she has a mostly conservative record on issues of taxation, a review of major votes and interest group ratings paint an interesting picture on other conservative issues. Biggert totes the party line when whipped, but she has crossed party lines on issues that may annoy some conservative such as to expand hate crimes, increase spending federal community service programs, give the FDA power over tobacco products, and to support overriding Bush’s veto of federal spending on embryonic stem cell research. She’s decidedly pro-choice and has gotten high marks from a PAC which supports expanded federal funding of the arts. In 2009, the Club for Growth gave her an 18% on their RePORK Card. In the end, the people of the 13th district can do better – Andrzejewski would be much better.

For those who do not know, Andrzejewski is a 40 year old self-made millionaire. In 1997, he founded the publishing firm HomePages Directories with his brother. The company published “hometown” phonebooks which were hyper-local (~7 mile radius) and became very successful. Success Magazine highlighted their business in 2006. After he sold off his portion of the company, he created a grassroots organization to teach people how to organize and lobby to get local school boards / counties to post specific spending details on-line. The results in increasing transparency across Illinois have been remarkable.

Andrzejewski is an across the board conservative who is young, charismatic, and can eloquently present his views on the issues. As a member of Congress, it would give Andrzejewski a forum to discuss the issues and a new arena that needs someone fighting for transparency. It’s not the executive position he was born to fill, but it is a good role that he can succeed in. It will also allow him to hone his political skills with difficult, but winnable campaigns. Following success in Congress, Andrzejewski becomes an increasingly viable candidate for Governor in future elections (2014 or 2018) or potentially for US Senate (2014).

America needs more people like Andrzejewski. I hope we see more of him on the national stage in the future – a Congressional run is a great way to start.

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