Oversized State Salaries

The State of Maryland currently has under its employ over 80,000 people. The job categories range from Governor to police to University Deans. The current average annual salary of all people working in Maryland is $68,000.

In 2008, the Baltimore Examiner requested a list of those persons working for the State who’s annual salaries are over $100,000. 4,678 people, more than 5% of all State workers make over $100,000. One of those employees, our Governor, makes $150,000.

If this were a business, these salaries would be paid based on the fact that these employees were helping to generate the company revenue. This is not the case with the State of Maryland. Yes, they are helping to make the State run but the State currently has a $2 billion budget shortfall based on recent estimates. Something needs to be cut.

Cutting unnecessary jobs and waste is necessary. You know what else could save money? After speaking with a potential NYS gubernatorial candidate, a different idea was mentioned – capping salaries for State employees at $100,000. Since I do not know exactly how much everyone over $100,000 makes – let us approximate the average savings of this salary cap at $50,000 per person. Using this as an estimate – the State of Maryland could save $233.9 million, approximately 10% of this year’s budget shortfall. This would go much further for permanent savings than any furloughs that the Governor has proposed.

Working in the public sector – from public education to organizing libraries to work in the State legislature was done out of sense of civic duty. A person did not jump into a public sector job to become rich, they did it to help their community, their state, and their country. Somewhere along the way this changed – politics became a viable career path instead of a civic responsibility; people remained in public schools to become wealthy.

Our tax dollars are hard at work building the bank accounts of others while the State remains is $2 billion in debt. I think we should change that. Who’s with me?

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