A Year in Review - 2009

In 2008, I continued a tradition from my previous blog where I would discuss the year that has passed. To follow is my executive summary of the year 2009.

The year begins. Obama lines up cabinet including number of tax dodgers prior to beginning of Presidency. Approval rating of the President-Elect in high 70s. President Bush gives best speech of career, as he leaves office. Obama enters office, is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Unemployment at 7.6%. Obama lays out stimulus plan, promises open government, and longer time from presentation to signing of legislation. Obama breaks promise, takes less than 3 days from proposal to signature of stimulus package. After LONG waste of time recount after recount, the joke’s on Minnesota as Al Franken becomes US Senator. The stimulus begins to be spent. Obama nominates tax dodgers for most major cabinet posts – only Treasury Secretary not withdrawn / gets through. Hillary Clinton becomes Secretary of State, obscure blue dog female Congresswoman replaces her. Obama goes overseas to talk to foreign leaders – offends UK PM by referring to all of UK as England, that’s like referring to all of US as Washington. Sheila Dixon indicted on 12 separate counts including criminal theft. Gitmo still not by month’s end as promised. NY-20 special election held, Republcians pick solid candidate – but decide that attacking the Democrat is more important than winning elections, politically untested Democrat wins. Levi Johnston breaks up with Bristol Palin, spends entire year outing himself as giant tool. Obama promises to close Gitmo as soon as possible. My wife and I move into our first house. Obscure former NRA endorsed Congresswoman votes like a liberal Democrat in first vote in US Senate, votes against DC citizens gun rights.

Ryan Isaiah Newman is born on May 4th, making me a father and slowing down my my blogging. Unemployment reaches 9.5%. John Edwards gets investigated for using campaign cash to pay off mistress. His baby’s mama testifies against him in August. Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson pass away on the same day. Cash for Clunkers launches. Cash for Clunkers runs out of money. Iran pretends to hold a free Presidential election, Nazi-esque incumbent reelected. Iranian people begin to protest. Supreme Court Justice Souter announces retirement, purported racist Judge Sotomayor nominated to replace him. Battle ensues in Senate, Dems win – Sotomayor is Majority approved. Gitmo still not closed. I open Newman for Maryland blog to discuss my stances on state issues – don’t update often enough. Rosales tries to circumvent Honduran Constitution, Supreme Court stops him and removes him from office. Rosales flees gains support to be returned to power from from communist South American leaders and Barack Obama.

NY-23 Congressman John McHugh (R) nominated for Secretary of Army. Local party bosses pick special election candidates – GOP picks pro-choice, pro-same-sex marriage, pro-stimulus package, pro-card check candidate; Democrats pick marginally pro-life, fiscal moderate; Conservative Party goes rogue, picks a staunchly conservative accountant for special election. Health care reform proposed by Democrats. Ted Kennedy passes away, politically themed funeral. I open RedState account and begin cross-posting anything I write about NY-23 and GOP candidates. Unemployment reaches double digits at 10.2%, stimulus claimed to be working. Tea Party protests begin to rise as a new brand of disorganized, fiscally focused conservatism is born.

Polling shows GOP candidate losing support in NY-23 special election, Conservative gaining favor. Sarah Palin suddenly resigns as Governor of Alaska – goes rogue, finishes writing book. Gitmo still not closed. President Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize, world equal parts confused and annoyed at this selection. “Open government” stimulus shown to be claiming jobs saved in non-existent Congressional districts. Congressman from Maryland District 00 unavailable for comment. Palin’s book tour brings in massive crowds, continues to go rogue. Gitmo still not closed.

Healthcare plan passed by Democrats in House – including a pro-life amendment and a public option, perfect compromise for statists. Unemployment drops…to 10%. Democrat elected for first time in over a century in NY-23, Conservative comes in second place – vows to fight another day. Republicans win Governors mansions in Virginia and New Jersey, same-sex marriage fails in Maine. Senate tries to railroad healthcare plan – some members of GOP ask bill to be read, some decide not to fight. Lieberman says, “No public option.” Obama tries to sway public opinion in climate change summit – international news discuss failure of his visit, domestic news is silent. After fighting in 2004 to make certain the Governor (R) wasn’t allowed to appoint replacement Senators in Massachusetts, state government changes law so that current Governor (D) can appoint replacement to the late Senator Kennedy. Sheila Dixon convicted…of one count. Baucus says, “No health care reform without pro-life amendment.” Baucus caves when money’s thrown his way. Senate passes own healthcare plan without public option or pro-life language – Democrats in House throw hissy fit as it pleases none of them. Terrorist attempts to bomb plane on Christmas, heroic fliers save the day. Gitmo still not closed. Year ends.

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