Gift Cards for Sheila

As many in the Baltimore area know, Mayor Sheila Dixon was convicted of misappropriation of gift cards which were supposed to be used for underprivaleged families. Instead, she used the gift cards on herself. She was found not guilty on two theft charges.

The convicted Mayor should resign from her position. She is currently not serving the people of Baltimore City by continuing to waste their money during this court trial. In fact, instead of merely accepting the outcome of her first trial (she will be tried for perjury early in 2010) the Mayor is considering wasting more taxpayer money and calling for a new trial.

Inside Charm City has a great idea to help nudge the Mayor in the right direction – send her gift cards marked “RESIGN.” They suggest low value or no value / spent gift cards sent to the Mayor. If you are interested in joining in this venture – feel free to send your expired / used gift cards to the following address:

You can mail the gift cards to:
Mayor Sheila Dixon
City Hall, Room 250
100 N. Holliday Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

I think this could send a powerful message if coordinated properly.

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