Affairs of Double Standards

Who am I?

I’m a moderate to conservative US Senator from a traditionally red state. I voted for the Bush tax cuts. I have won reelection to my Senate seat by over 10% each time. I oppose single-payer healthcare. I also had an affair with a campaign aide. Who am I?

Many would immediately jump to John Ensign. The problem is that this very same description applies to Democratic US Senator Max Baucus.

In 2008, Baucus began a relationship with his state campaign director. He was still married at the time. He filed for divorce from his second wife this past April. The Montana Standard has more details. Baucus then pushed his girlfriend’s name up for US Attorney. His relationship is finally being questioned.

Why the double standard in relating this story in the news? Better question – why hasn’t the Senate launched an investigation into Baucus as they did into John Ensign’s relationships?