2010 Suggestions to Draft - John Faso

For New York’s 20th District, a solid candidate is needed to recapture this formally Republican seat. In 2009 during the special election, the GOP selected the now former Assembly Minority Leader. I’m suggesting a different former Assembly Minority Leader – John Faso.

Faso served in the NYS Assembly from 1987 until 2002, serving as Minority leader, serving from 1998 to 2002. In 1994, he considered a bid for New York State Comptroller, but internal Conservative Party / NYS GOP politics led to the selection of Herbert London as the Comptroller nominee. In 2002, Faso ran for New York State Comptroller, resigning as Minority Leader in order to run. He lost to the incumbent New York City Comptroller, Alan Hevesi by approximately 3%.

In 2006, Faso ran an insurgent campaign for Governor and beat out William Weld at the NYS convention. Faso was defeated by a large margin against the pretty much unstoppable (at the time) Eliot Spitzer. Yet, his conservatism was respected by the CPNYS and GOP faithful. In 2009, he considered a bid for NY-20 in the special election to replace Gillibrand. He was actually endorsed by the Greene County committee – but the nomination went to Tedisco instead.

In 2008, Faso became one of the founding members of New Yorkers for Growth, a fiscally conservative NY PAC focusing on state issues and working to elect fiscally conservative officials. Faso recently wrote an editorial on the fiscal problems of New York State for NY for Growth.

Faso is a hypercompetent fiscal conservative who is a known quantity in the 20th District, has experience running against all manner of opponents, actually lives in the district, and has an unquestionable fiscal conservative credentials. While Faso would be an excellent Comptroller candidate, which he’s reportedly leaning towards, a Congressional bid in NY-20 would be great.

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