Conservative Comptroller Candidate Suggestion

With the 2009 special election now past, Doug Hoffman has lost. But, it is quite an accomplishment for an unknown CPA to go from polling at 16% to garnering 45% of the popular vote on a third party ballot line. This is a big accomplishment in and of itself. Hoffman is a hero to many conservatives who saw this as a fight that needed to be fought – win or lose, it was worth the fight.

But what will become of our conservative hero. He has lost a battle – but the war for conservative principles is far from over. In 2010, the Republican Party will need a conservative candidate for NY-23. Perhaps that candidate will be Doug Hoffman, but I have a suggestion that may be even better suited to his personal experiences – draft Doug Hoffman for Comptroller.

Doug Hoffman is a businessman and accountant. He received his MBA from the University of Connecticut in 1976 and became a CPA in 1977. An Army Reserve / National Guard veteran, Hoffman served as Controller for the Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee for the 1980 Winter Olympics. He is currently a small business owner and is a managing partner of the Dragon Benware Crowley & Co., P.C. accounting firm. The bulk of his background is in business and finance.

New York State’s Comptroller serves as the state’s financial auditor and oversees New York’s retirement system. Hoffman’s extensive experience as an accountant, as controller for the Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee, and his business sense make him a highly qualified candidate for the role. His outsider status and unquestionable fiscally conservative credentials could make him the perfect choice for the GOP in 2010.

In 2006, the GOP in New York had an opportunity to take the comptroller against a corrupt incumbent. Even the New York Times endorsed the Republican candidate against an incumbent who was literally stealing from New York State. After his forced removal from office, Governor Spitzer set up a committee of former State and NYC Comptrollers to interview potential candidates in a public forum to replace the corrupt incumbent. They came up with a list of 3 qualified candidates for the position. Instead, the State Legislature ignored this list and selected an Assemblyman (Dede Scozzafava, broke rank with Assembly Republicans to vote for him).

New York deserves an independent, fiscally conservative Comptroller who will audit the budget and offer active criticism of state waste. They currently have an okay Comptroller who was hand selected by NYS legislature from among their own. Doug Hoffman would offer a start contrast to the incumbent. He already has a superb credentials and new found nationwide name recognition.

Let’s try to draft Hoffman for Comptroller. New York needs him.

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