Hoffman's Opportunity

Doug Hoffman has the opportunity to do something amazing in far upstate New York. He has the chance to become the first member of the Conservative Party of New York elected to the House of Representatives. He would be the second person from that party elected to Congress, following James Buckley’s election in 1970. He has the chance to lead the charge for conservatives large C and small c into 2010.

Doug Hoffman is currently polling at 23% according to independent polling data collected by Siena college. This is 7% higher than he was polling two weeks ago. He also has the lowest name recognition in the race with 63% of voters in the 23rd District do not knowing enough about Hoffman. Positive campaigning is key to boost name recognition. Hoffman can continue to use that to define himself with positive campaigning. His new ad is a great step forward – continuing this path will get his message out there.

Hoffman is a unique candidate in that he comes from entirely outside of the political realm. He’s an accountant and a successful small business owner. He is not a lawyer or a political scientist or a currently sitting politician. Hoffman is just a local businessman / accountant who was sick of the current political scene. After losing the Republican nomination behind closed doors to a woman who is on the record saying that she supports Card Check and the stimulus package, Hoffman turned to the Conservative Party of New York. For those who do not know, due to New York’s fusion electoral system – candidates are able to be cross-endorsed by multiple parties. Republicans candidates actively seek the Conservative line and no Republican has been elected Governor without that line since its inception. The Conservative Party serves to check Republicans, setting up road blocks in their victory path if they are not sufficiently conservative.

With surging fiscal conservatism amongst independents, Hoffman has an opportunity to win on fiscally conservative values. As a small businessman, Hoffman is on the front lines helping create jobs and has seen firsthand the problems of government intervention. As an accountant, Hoffman understands the need for keeping any business, including our government, lean through minimizing waste. As a conservative outsider, he supports term limits to prevent creating career politicians.

Conservatives nationwide have an opportunity with Doug Hoffman. We have the chance to help elect a genuine movement conservative. Doug Hoffman is exactly the type of conservative we need in Congress. As a former New Yorker and former member of the Conservative Party, I’m proud to of him and the choice of the party’s endorsement.