Republicans Can Recapture Congress With a Pledge

Many have said that the republicans have to have a new Contract For America in order to recapture control of Congress. I believe that a pledge to America to do the right thing would prove that conservatives are not irrevelant.

Republicans should pledge allegiance to the people of America, not the power brokers and lobbyists.

An oath that says America will be free from big government and deficit spending.

Unsuccessful programs will be scrapped and money returned to the Treasury.

Repeal the Campaign Finance Reform Act or disallow all corporate or organizational contributions, including PAC money.

Enact Comprehensive TORT reform to protect the innocent from frivolous and unreasonable judgements, and a loser pays in all cases to eliminate nuisance law suits.

Pledge that members of Congress will be honest and ethical.

All bills will be posted on-line for a minimum 3 business days before voting on enactment.

Members must submit, in writing, the purpose of all official trips and a detailed itinerary, with estimated costs, to the House and Senate Finance Committees for approval. The trip leader will provide a detailed trip report upon return with receipts for all expenditures and justifications for expenditure. These reports will then be published on-line for informational purposes to the American people.

Any Congressional committee chairman that is under investigation by the House or Senate Ethics Commitees will be removed, temporarily, until the investigation is completed and a resolution is determined.

The Congress will never become involved with the private sector, other than through necessary regulations that maintain a free and open market place.

All presidential advisors (czars) will be vetted by the FBI and security clearances be obtained. The information will be made public along with the salary of each.

Earmarks inserted in any spending bill will be eliminated. No more free money to projects that have not been presented and debated by the House and Senate.

No unfunded mandates will be placed on the States.

The Tenth Amendment of the Constitution will be adhered to by the Congress.

An amendment to the Constitution that will allow the States to add additional requirements on their Members of Congress and Senate, such as term limits, residency requirements, behavior while in office, time in districts or state during sessions and etc.

Immigration laws will be strictly enforced. No illegal alien or native born child of an illegal alien will be provided health-care, except for life threatening emergency treatment, education, or welfare. All deportations will be swift. Any employer of illegal aliens will be imprisoned and fined. Borders will be secure and patrolled by Border Patrol and when necessary the US military.

This pledge to the American people will prove that conservative principles are indeed real and will provide the Republican Party a justifiable control the Congress.