And now a shameless commercial message

After some scheduling snafus in May, I attended the American Majority training for activists yesterday in Springfield, IL, with a fellow Precinct Committeeman from my township. Our presenters, Beka Romm and John Burns, were excellent! We also heard from Mike Flynn from BigGovernment.com, who offered great words of wisdom.

A fine group of folks from Southern and Western Illinois were in attendance, representing many activist organizations. So in addition to practical ‘book’ learning, networking opportunities abounded.

I echo Erick Erickson & ColdWarrior’s recommendations to attend an American Majority training session if you can arrange it. As we say around here, 55555+!

And since sometimes God smiles on us, guess who was having a fundraiser in the room next door to us? The hapless and constantly amusing Congressman Phil (I don’t care about the Constitution) Hare! Good times!


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