Remember November

Could be wrong but I’m sensing a tone around here that’s a little disturbing, and I’m usually a sunny optimist.

Too many on our side are giving off a vibe that a November housecleaning, shellacking, tidal wave, whatever, is going to be the end-all fix-it to what ails our Republic. It ain’t so. There will be no instant gratification. It can’t be simply about revenge, or ‘it’s our turn’.

Attempting to turn around this ocean liner is going to take much more than a few election cycles, even if each cycle goes totally our way, which it won’t. We’ve continued our leftward drift over the decades despite the pendulum swinging our way in some elections, and sorry for the mixed metaphor there.

I’m encouraged and intrigued by Erick’s post on Dan Greenberg’s idea for a single purpose ConCon, likely to be followed by a repeal the 17th movement. Even if this idea takes off spectacularly, beyond my wildest expectations, it’s gonna take years to come to fruition, probably not likely during my lifetime.

Our very best bet, actually our only real hope, is to continue to follow ColdWarrior’s drumbeat to take back the Party; seek out, find and enthusiastically, loudly, generously support like-minded Conservatives in the primaries, Republicans in the General elections and educate everyone in our personal ‘circle’ about the Present Danger.

The Remember November theme is great and the RGA has put out some wonderful stuff. But November 2010 isn’t going to ‘fix’ everything, and neither is November 2012. It will NOT happen overnight. At the very best we can energetically try to de-fund, repeal and put the brakes on this dash into socialism; rolling the country back to a proper constitutional republic is the work of decades and generations.

I hope the fire’s been lit now, but let’s not overestimate what the upcoming Novembers are actually going to achieve. I’m afraid too many of us have overslept during the past many years (myself included), we’ve a lot of ground to make up, and it’s going to take some time to get the ball rolling.

I’m getting seasick what with turning ocean liners, lit fires, swinging pendulums and rolling balls, but I’m sure you get my drift, urp!

After warning against over-optimism, I now offer you all:

(Realistic and) Sunny Optimist Cheers!