Did you hear the one about the 30 Precinct Committeemen?

Last night, Brian Hibbert and I got together with about 30 fellow PCs. Brian wrote about the meeting when it was first scheduled, here. It’s called a caucus.

Per statute, we needed to nominate a candidate for the County Board to replace someone who dropped out of the race.

There were 2 candidates, both Committeemen, who each gave campaign speeches, along with those of their supporters, prior to the vote. Fairly routine.

The vote itself was somewhat unique, town hall meeting-like. Each of us had to vote for one of the candidates, VERBALLY, not secretly, in the presence of both candidates. Just sing out your guy’s name! Real, actual democracy in action, in your face! What a hoot! Friends, no amount of money could buy this kind of entertainment!

If this sounds like your kind of fun & you haven’t yet investigated becoming a Precinct Committeeman, you’re missing the boat. I urge you to check out ColdWarrior’s blog and become a VOTING MEMBER of the party. Your participation is greatly needed. Jump in, the water’s fine!