What goes around comes around

I’m no policy wonk, never will be. Common sense allows me to see bribery, raising of taxes, fines and jail sentences, screwing up of insurance and interference with medical practice easily, without straining my eyes or my brain. Tampering with senior’s Medicare wins no friends.

As I, your typical Joe Sixpack see it, voters will and do hate what’s happening, and will grow to hate it even more, especially in the short term. The voter’s decision-making process will simply cut to the chase: did you vote for this? If yes, then you’re gone. If no, then maybe you get to remain, so long as you repeal, de-fund, amend to death or otherwise remove this monstrosity. Our clever policy folks should have no problem crafting this simple reality into a winning campaign platform for all conservative Republicans in 2010/2012.

The old saw about elections having consequences cuts both ways.

The Democrats in the Senate took advantage of several situations to their benefit: Specter’s changing parties, pushing Massachusetts to change their law to quickly replace Teddy, and the Franken-mess in Minnesota, totalling 60 votes. The current status then became inevitable; arithmetic doesn’t lie. Pelosi’s House requires no comment.

To quote a sage*, “Conservatism is in the ascendancy”. Change is in the air, and I don’t mean Hopenchange. The folks, OUR folks, are now more engaged and enraged than I can ever remember, and I’m 60 years old; my first vote was for Nixon, for Pete’s sake!  With skillful management and surging grassroots participation (Hello, Cold Warrior!), what is now being done can and will be undone, root and branch. Am I just Pollyanna optimistic? Nah, the days and months ahead will be very, very ugly. But my gut keeps telling me that what goes around comes around. How’s that for a policy statement?

*Harmless Little Fuzzball.