Obama's Troubles Continue, and They Just Got a HELLary of a Lot Worse

Poor Barack. He has enough to do, what with trying to match his flip-flops to the day’s outfit, trying to remember how many U.S. States there are, or offering minority audiences reparations of “…not just words, but deeds”, and offering to solve the energy crisis by inflating our car tires. Now he is suffering from over-exposure, under-preparation, and the return of the 800 pound elephant to the room. Already a victim of his own ego, Obama has now saturated American ears, eyes, and minds ad nasuem. The most recent Pew Research poll finds that nearly half of all Americans – 48% – say they have been hearing too much about Obama recently. This compares with only 28% for John McCain. After his whirlwind love tour through Europe and the Middle East, Obama came home to find a less-than-welcome reception from the folks that really matter. His obvious snub of wounded U.S. soldiers and his arrogance in acting presidential were a bit much for Americans to handle. He can thank his love affair with the media for that, since every fart, burp, and whistle of that tour was duly recorded and reported. Obama ate it up, and it has obviously caused him some election indigestion. Back on this side of the pond, Obama continues to stumble with the reality and the magnitude of the position he hopes to hold. His continued lack of positions behind his position statements, his seeming inability to stick to one side of an issue, and his selective use of the race issue have eroded his lead in the polls. Obama has a habit of speaking down to people. A large number of Americans are overweight, yet Obama hopes to garner votes by telling us we eat too much. In the midst of a gasoline price crisis, when people are trying unsuccessfully to downsize their cars, he chastises us that our cars are too big. He agreed to town hall debates with John McCain, after securing the necessary delegates to (maybe) win the Democratic nomination, and now has refused to follow through on that agreement. Perhaps that is because without the Teleprompter, Obama and his handlers are too afraid of what might fall out of his mouth. Extemporaneous speaking is definitely not Obama’s forte. He might impress 250,000 Germans, convincing them that he is a hip, young, and happening guy worthy of the movie star status bestowed on him, but America is a bit of a harder sell. We’ve seen too many movie stars implode before our very eyes.Then there is the 800 pound elephant in the room. By that, I mean Hellary Clinton, no disrespect to 800 pound elephants. She, like herpes, will just not go away. I can imagine her saying to insiders “Obama is blowing this like Monica blew Bill, but without the satisfaction at the end.” Associates say that in private conversations, Clinton doubts that Obama can win in November. And speculation abounds that this may even be a wish on her part: setting her up for a solid run in 2012, and being able to tell the Dems ‘I told you so’. Speaks volumes about her character, doesn’t it, that she would place herself and her ambitions above those of the party and the country she claims to love so very much? Cry me another crocodile tear, Hellary. How many stitches to close the inside of your cheek after you bit it for that little bit of drama? Now Clinton does not deny that her name will be entered in nomination at the Dem convention later this month. Asked about it, Hellary responded “No decisions have been made”, adding “Delegates can decide to do this on their own. They don’t need permission.”Will the Dems, fearful that Obama cannot do the job in November, pull a Tonya Harding in Denver? It remains to be seen. If it happens, the Dems should be careful in the future pointing the finger about election stealing. Whatever happens, this rift in the Democratic party will never heal. All the better for the GOP, who have managed to keep their ducks in a bucket. John McCain’s chances in November look better as each day passes, as do the chances for America.