Summertime, and Obama Shows Off His Flip-Flops

Ah, those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Bermuda shorts, sunscreen, and most certainly in Barack Obama’s case, flip-flops. No, I am not talking about the rubber beach shoes, I am talking about a presumptive presidential candidate who cannot pick one side of an argument, and then stay on it. Not that the flip-flops are new apparel for Obama this summer, he seems to have worn them throughout his entire campaign. Yet recently, they seem to match whatever outfit he is wearing; a business suit, his basketball cloths, or his casual “I’m a regular guy just like you” clothes. And he is collecting flip-flops like a Hollywood starlet collecting arrests.

First of all, when Hellary Clinton pulled the plug on the life-support that was her campaign, and Obama became the presumptive nominee, Senator John McCain invited, well, CHALLENGED him to face McCain and America in a series of 10 ‘town hall meetings’. Obama agreed. Yet each and every time the McCain campaign has tried to firm up a date, or issued an invitation to the Obama campaign, Obama claims ‘schedule conflict’ and does not show. Now Obama’s campaign announces that the only time the two candidates will meet face to face is in the three debates scheduled by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Sources close to the Obama campaign, speaking of course on the condition of anonymity, say Obama is reluctant to ‘take a chance’ or to ‘give McCain a high-profile stage now that he is the front runner’. Yet oddly enough, the decision to stick to the three main debates only was made on or about August 2nd, when polls show Obama at least neck and neck with McCain among likely voters, if not behind. Obama is behind with women over 40. It would seem to me that he would WANT to have more opportunity to get his message out. Flip-flop. The great orator afraid to speak.

During the last week of July, McCain’s campaign ran an ad that called Obama ‘the world’s biggest celebrity’, and compared him, at least subliminally, with human bobble-heads Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton. In his remarks responding to that ad, Obama said at a rally in Springfield, MO “…McCain wants you to be afraid of me… You know, ‘he’s not patriotic enough, he’s got a funny name,’ you know, ‘he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.” Funny thing is, just an hour after he made those statements, I commented in my blog that Obama was the first in this race to play the race card. An hour after that, the news cycles were picking up on it, and Obama senior advisor Robert Gibbs felt it important enough to deny that there was any racial motivation in the comments. David Axelrod, senior campaign advisor for Obama, was asked about the comments by Chris Cuomo on Good Morning America. Axelrod responded “He’s not from central casting when it comes to presidents of the United States, he’s young, he’s new to Washington, yes, he’s African American.” Yet on Saturday, August 2nd, Obama corrected both of his advisors, saying “I don’t think it’s accurate to say that my comments have nothing to do with race,” Obama said. “Here’s what I was saying and I think this should be undisputed: That I don’t come out of central casting, when it comes to presidential races. For a whole range of reasons. I’m young, I’m new to the national scene, my name is Barack Obama, I am African American, I was born in Hawaii, I spent time in Indonesia. I do not have the typical biography of a presidential candidate. What that means is that I’m sort of unfamiliar and people are still trying to get a fix on who I am, where I come from, what my values are and so forth in a way that might not be true if I seemed more familiar.” Umm, perhaps if you had more that a HALF OF A SENATE TERM, people might be more familiar with you! As far as looking like the Presidents on the dollar bills, hello! We haven’t had a President look like that in at least 100 years. Powdered wigs and stovepipe hats pretty much went the way of wooden teeth, my friend. But Obama bought himself another pair of flip-flops here. And while we are on this topic, Obama also said that McCain wants to make people afraid of him. Damn right, but not for the reasons Obama wants people to think. How about his total lack of experience? 2 years as a U.S. Senator does not qualify one to be President. A one week Europe/Middle East tour where Obama didn’t listen to generals on the ground and snubbed injured soldiers does not qualify for foreign policy and most certainly not for commander in chief. What about his ties to the anti-white Rev. Wright, and the amount of time Obama took to distance himself from Wright? Or his ties to William Ayers? Damn right we should be scared of this man for President.

To complete his summer ensemble, Obama feels the need to add more flip-flops. Now it is offshore drilling. Seeing that 57% of voting Americans favor expanded offshore drilling, Obama on August 2nd said that he felt a shift in his policy was in order to allow the Senate’s ‘Gang of Ten’ to move forward with their energy proposals in Congress. Obama said “What I don’t want is for the best to be the enemy of the good here, and if we can come up with a genuine, bipartisan compromise in which I have to accept some things I don’t like, or the Democrats have to accept some things that they don’t like, in exchange for moving us in the direction of energy independence, then that’s something I’m open to…” ( could someone fluent in doublespeak please translate that for the rest of us?) Yet on Wednesday, July 30th, Obama stated in Missouri “I want to be absolutely clear to everybody about this. If I thought that I could provide you some immediate relief on gas prices by drilling off the shores of California and New Jersey . . . if I thought that by drilling offshore, we could solve our problem, I’d do it.” Wow, a land speed record for a flip-flop to travel from Missouri to Florida.

Barack Obama continues his presumptuous, arrogant, pomposity-filled ways. With each speech, each appearance, each fund-raiser, town hall meeting, basketball game, breakfast, barbecue and press conference, he shows himself trying to appear as an intellectual elitist. All he is achieving is having great words with no ideas to back them up. I realize it has been very hot throughout the Midwest and South for the past week. It must be the heat…..it sure isn’t the humility.