Barack Obama.....Soliloqy, not Substance

Back in the 1980’s, there was a week end sports anchor at tv station WKYC in Cleveland, Ohio. I won’t mention his name here, but people locally will remember him. His performance on the station had been sub-par for some time, and management reached the decision to terminate him. They notified personnel and payroll, and on Monday morning, they called the man in and told him his services were no longer needed. Well, this man refused to accept his fate. The following weekend, he was back in his chair, giving the weekend sports reports. The woman in personnel saw him, decided that managment had changed their minds, and notified payroll, so he continued to receive his paycheck. Soon after, the station was sold, and management changed. The new station manager had no idea the old manager had fired this sports anchor, and he maintained his job for an incredible long time after. Eventually, the new management got around to reviewing personnel files, and discovered that this sports anchor had indeed been terminated prior to their taking over the station. His time had run out, and this time he was definitively, affirmitively, without a doubt fired. However, he had maintained employment by refusing to accept that he no longer had a job. His arrogance in refusig to recognize his fate had worked for him.

Why do I tell this story? I think that Obama may be taking a page from this sports anchor’s book. Given the way he behaved on his recent whirlwind tour through Europe and the Middle East, he seems to think he already has the job. And he also seems to think that he can fool the American people into believeing the same thing. Perhaps by acting like he already has the position, people will just forget that he was not elected and just let him assume the post of President of the United States. Now, granted, the love affair that the media had with Obama during this tour played into his already over-sized ego. He was given the attention and fawning accolades that are normally reserved for a superstar. But Obama is not a superstar.

I will admit that Obama has been consistent about one thing throughout his campaign. That is his constant cries of CHANGE! Obama has shouted change more often than the backstage coordinator at a fashion show. So, sure, we all know we need change. But what is Obama offering? Yesterday in Springfield, MO, as he has since becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee, he again brought up the fact that a vote for Obama is a vote for change, and that a vote for McCain is a vote for four more years of the same old thing. Obama seems quick to point out why McCain’s solutions will not work, without offering any real solutions of his own. He is a candidate of position statements without any actual positions. He stated in Springfield that “…McCain wants you to be afraid of me….”, seemingly trying to play on race and religion issues. Obama said “You know, ‘he’s not patriotic enough, he’s got a funny name,’ you know, ‘he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.” Funny how the first guy to play the race card in this election is the guy who has allegedly had to fight discrimination his whole life, The guy who has been closely linked to Rev. Wright, a blatanly open anti-white preacher. Funny how the guy who complains about being accused of not being patriotic enough has been linked to two self-admitted terrorists, William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. I am afraid of Obama, but not for the reasons he would have you believe. I am afraid of a man who cannot admit that he is wrong, even when he sees the evidence of that wrong with his own eyes. I am afraid of a man who wants to be Commander in Chief, but snubs wounded servicemen because cameras are not allowed to record his visit for the next news cycle. I am afraid of a man who thinks he is qualified for the top job when he has yet to finish his FIRST term as a U.S. Senator. I am afraid of his arrogance, his pomposity, and his lack of substance.

Obama consistently and tirelessly tells us that McCains policies and ideas are ‘a third term of the Bush presidency’ and ‘Karl Rove politics’, and continually tells us why they will not work, but is offering no real alternatives. John McCain has experience, as a four-term Senator and a two-term Congressman prior to that. McCain has proven himself to be a reform Republican, and not afraid to cross party lines to get the job done. He has real solutions to real problems. And while some of those solutions are not always popular, they ARE reality. We need to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, and offshore drilling is a short term solution while our country investigates and develops alternatives. We need to develop a solid soution to our immigration problem, and McCain will address that with fairness and sensibility that puts Americans first. John McCain has promised he will not raise taxes. As far as Iraq, McCain has been very vocal in his criticism of the way the Bush adminstration has handled the war, even going so far as to say Donald Rumsfeld will be remembered as one of the worst secretaries of defense in history. However, McCain, having spent 5 plus years being tortured in a Vietnam POW hell camp will not just abandon our troops or their mission. He will see our commitment fully realized, and then and only then, will he bring our troops home.

John McCain is a man of principal, a man of ideas, and a man of action. Barack Obama is trying to fool America into thinking he is something he is not – that is, already the President. He is pompous, he is arrogrant, and he is suspect. Obama is not about substance, he is all soliloqy. And while soliloquies are beautiful to listen to, they do little to help a nation heal itself and move forward.