Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

“Liberalism is a mental disorder, and I don’t have the cure for it.” – Michael Savage


It’s easy enough, and maybe a little reactionary on our part to respond to liberal lunacy with the simple explanation, “Liberals are stupid.” This, is true. They are. But it’s not nearly enough just to proclaim the ignorance of liberals in just about every economic and social situation known to mankind. To truly begin to understand the stupidity of liberals, we first have to come to the sobering realization that those who inhabit this planet with us, who ascribe to left-wing ideals, are more than just stupid. They absolutely suffer from a mental disorder, and it’s going to destroy us all.

A perfect example of this mental disorder can be found in this post at The Daley Gator titled A Special Class of Stupid. While I agree with Doug that what is contained therein is indeed a special class of stupid, it doesn’t end there. Those who would make the decision that the post describes after the incident that occurred, could only be described as mentally ill.

Here’s what happened:

In Mississippi a concealed weapons carrier walked into a convenience store only to see the manager of the store being stabbed by a scumbag crook. He pulled his weapon, saved the managers life, and held the crook at gunpoint until authorities arrived. The manager’s life was saved, and the crook went to jail. On it’s face it appears to be a story that would easily point out the advantages of having law abiding citizens carrying firearms, wherever their daily walk takes them. After all, you never know where and when a crime may occur.

Unfortunately, this is not the lesson learned from the mental lightweights who own the store where the attempted murder and subsequent rescue happened. From the post:

This story makes five important points:

•The person who saved the victim’s life was a civilian with a Concealed Carry Permit.
•The person who held the suspect at gunpoint until the police arrived was that civilian.
•Dispels opinions that permit holders are trigger-happy gun-nuts who can’t wait to shoot.
•Dispels thoughts that victims should count on the police to be there when they need them.
•Concealed Permit Holders should not be barred from businesses with their guns.

Happy ending, right? Not quite! Here comes the lunacy.

It has just been confirmed that Keith’s Superstore has posted a “No Guns” signs on their front doors.

Why no signs reading “Stabbing our employees is strictly prohibited”? Or “No knives”? Of course, we should go back to the day this employee was stabbed by a thug, and then saved by a good guy with a gun. What if that sign had been posted at the store on that day? Likely, the man with the CHL would have NOT entered the store. The bad guy? He would have acted in the same fashion he did. The manager who he stabbed? Well he would now be dead. All because of a sign that Liberals are foolish enough to think will stop criminals.

What else could possibly explain this reaction other than the presence of some sort of mental disorder? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. A mental disorder is the only plausible explanation. How is it humanly possible that the owners of the store would be unable to see the benefit of having one of their patrons enter the store armed? It’s beyond comprehension that liberals would continue to fixate their hatred of guns, God, the sanctity of life, or whatever else on those who abide by the laws of the land when it’s obvious that if they had their way, our society would descend into chaos.

Michael Savage goes into detail about this phenomenon in the video below. It’s worth a listen. Inexplicably, liberals will defend criminals, Islamic extremists, the enemies of America, essentially anyone that would, given the chance, kill them and dump their bodies in a well. Conservatives would never do that to them. Yet, they defend the killers over those who disagree with them politically every time. Every. Time. There is no other explanation. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

And I don’t have the cure either.

(cross-posted at Rotten to the Core)