I Agree With Obama

Except, Obama’s probably in on it too. I don’t have any doubt that these two, along with any number cast of characters, sit down together frequently and try to devise plans to dupe the American public. This Boehner lawsuit is a perfect example of probable collusion between the President and the Speaker of the House.

Think about it. The President faces zero negative fallout from this lawsuit. Zero. Even if a court were to uphold the suit and side with Boehner, saying that Obama hasn’t faithfully executed laws or has overstepped his Constitutional bounds, who’s going to enforce it? Who’s going to punish him? NOBODY. The people who think he’s lawless, will still think he’s lawless regardless of how the suit turns out. Besides, all a stunt like this does is help him with his base.

What’s the upside for Boehner? I’m sure there will be plenty on the right who are more than happy to see Barack Obama being sued, essentially for lawlessness. Even though, as I said, the lawsuit has no teeth to it. It gives Boehner an excuse against criticism that he hasn’t pushed back against Obama’s overreach enough. Even if it’s a weak excuse, it’s still an excuse. It’s political cover, to an extent.

What better excuse than to be able to say, “Hey, what more do you want, I took the guy to court.” Plus, if the lawsuit were to fail, Boehner could blame his inaction at that point, on the courts. It’s a win/win for the two of them without any actual results. More of the same game being played.

(cross-posted at Rotten to the Core)