Gallup: Rating The Living Presidents, Clinton on Top (no pun intended)

At the time of this writing, there are five Presidents of the United States currently breathing. I assume Jimmy Carter is actually alive and not the victim of a sick Weekend at Bernie’s prank simply to avoid all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the death of a president. Imagine being one of the unlucky chosen who will have to speak at his memorial, showering the former peanut farmer with accolades, pulled from thin air. Not a fun proposition I presume.


Gallup is reporting that of the five, all but four have positive ratings. Perhaps surprisingly, the one president rating a net negative isn’t the peanut farmer from Georgia. Inexpressibly, Bill Clinton rates the highest among living presidents with a 64% favorable rating compared to only a 34% unfavorable rating. Pretty good for one of only three presidents to have been impeached.

This is a terrible poll for Barack Obama on every front imaginable. Not only is he the only one of the five who rates a net negative, he also ranks below a) The “worst president in history (a peanut farmer from Georgia) b) George W. Bush, the most hated man ever to occupy the White House according to the elite in Washington and the media. c) He was never able to overcome the Clinton aura, Bubba tops the list, he’s on the bottom.

Since leaving office in 2009, George W. Bush has been able to see his favorability increase from the mid thirties to now over fifty percent. Maybe that’s just the benefit of having your predecessor be so inept at the job that the masses are willing to forgive your perceived transgressions while there.

Obama needs the next guy to really, really stink.

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