IRS Scandal: Our Greatest National Tragedy?

With a multitude of foreign policy disasters coinciding with multiple scandals on the home front, it’s nearly impossible for one to focus their attention on a singular event that would appear more dire than another. Certainly the implosion of Iraq ranks right up there with events that should be worrisome to the American public. The destabilization of that country, with it possibly becoming a haven for al Qaeda or affiliated groups is a pressing national security concern for America. Does anyone remember September 11, 2001?

President Obama releasing five hardened terrorists back on to the battlefield should worry us as well. This occurred before the Iraq situation deteriorated into it’s current form. When Obama pulls our troops out of Afghanistan, which he has already broadcast to the enemy he intends to do, who do you think will fill that vacuum?

Obama has constantly been on the wrong side of history when it comes to events in the middle east. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya. Both countries are now festering with Islamic militants, a powder keg, ready to blow at any moment. He’s now supporting regime change in Iraq, backing the ouster of Maliki, in support of….who knows what? He made it clear on Thursday, that we would not be choosing sides in the Iraqi fight, even when one side is ISIS, a murderous terrorist organization hell bent on destruction, chaos, and mayhem in the once stable country.

I haven’t even mentioned Ukraine, Benghazi, or the way in which Obama has turned his back on our one true ally in the region, Israel. Don’t even get me started about the mess on our Southern border, a manmade humanitarian crisis that appears to be intentional.

But more pressing, and perhaps more dangerous, are events taking place right here at home.

Ed Morrissey wrote at The Fiscal Times that the lost IRS emails point to an abuse of power and coverup, much like that of Watergate. After pointing out some of the parallels of the Nixon era scandal and the IRS scandal of today, Morrissey wrote this:

Forty years later, we have another scandal involving abuse of political power that targeted political opponents of the president. We have one IRS official in the executive branch refusing to testify, and now the same agency claims they cannot produce her e-mails during the time of the targeting.

Democrats and liberals howl with incredulity anytime someone mentions the Obama Administration and that of Nixon’s in the same breath. But the facts don’t lie. The parallels are startling. The “missing” emails of Lois Lerner is a collective slap in the face to the rule of law. It’s part of a coverup of epic proportions that likely had an impact on the 2012 Presidential election. After all, that’s exactly what systematic targeting of conservative groups by the IRS was intended for. To aide in there-election of Barack Obama.

But unlike the scandal that rocked Washington and the Nation forty plus years ago, this one seems as if it may go unpunished. Lois Lerner plead the fifth and walked away, the IRS, instead of complying with Congressional subpoenas, simply says, sorry, that information you requested no longer exists. Media sycophants refuse to ask even the most basic of questions of the administration, intellectually dishonest democrats still claim it to be a “phony scandal”, and the rest of us are left to shake our heads in amazement at the blatant corruption and lack of regard for the rule of law that is meant to protect us all.

Never before has a president been able to use an agency like the IRS as a weapon before. Nixon tried, and he payed for it. What the Obama Administration has been able to accomplish (either inadvertently or deliberately) with the assistance of the IRS is unprecedented. If a president, or bureaucratic allies of a presidentare able to wield such a weapon without fear of reprisal, America as we’ve known it, is over. We’re all at risk. Conservatives and liberals alike.

What happens overseas in the middle east matters not, if domestically we are no longer equal in the eyes of the law.

Senator Sam Ervin (D-NC), Chairman of the Select Committee on Watergate, said this about the ordeal forty two years ago.

“…I think that the Watergate tragedy is the greatest tragedy this country has ever suffered. I used to think that the Civil War was our country’s greatest tragedy, but I do remember that there were some redeeming features in the Civil War in that there was some spirit of sacrifice and heroism displayed on both sides. I see no redeeming features in Watergate.”

I would argue that the one redeeming feature to come out of the Watergate scandal was that the system worked. The separation of powers put in place by the founders, worked. Nixon was a crook. His Administration was corrupt. There’s no denying that; and even though Watergate was a great tragedy, our Republic was spared because those who abused their power and public trust were found out and punished.

If the IRS scandal goes without repercussions for those who hatched, executed, and then covered up this scheme, then itnot Watergate, may just be the greatest tragedy that this country has ever suffered.