The Myth of Hillary Clinton

Let’s be honest with ourselves, had it not been for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton would likely have been elected President in 2008. That campaign was hers to lose. The black guy stole it from her. How she would have faired in 2012 is anyone’s guess, but facing the Maverick in 2008 wouldn’t have been much of a problem for Mrs. Clinton. The same sycophants that swept Obama into office would have dutifully done likewise with Hillary Clinton.

At 67 years of age, we (the sane) may be finished with Hillary Clinton (I was finished with her twenty years ago), but it appears the former Lawyer, First Lady, Healthcare expert, Senator from New York, Presidential Candidate, and Secretary of State isn’t quite through with us.

Clint Eastwood famously said in 2012 that Barack Obama was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. I agree with Eastwood to a certain extent. Obama is nothing if not a hoax. The American electorate fell for the cult of personality that is Barack Obama. That cult like following, along with the disillusionment with the Republican nominee in 2012, propelled Obama to a second term. Obama was relatively new on the political scene, making a speech in 2004 for John Kerry’s bid was about the extent of Obama’s national prominence outside of the city of Chicago. It’s somewhat understandable how segments of the population were fooled, and then fooled again.

Where I disagree with Eastwood is in just which is the greater hoax. Obama coming onto the scene like a lighting bolt, race baiting, class warfaring, and doing his best Moses impersonation all the way to the Presidency, or the fact that Hillary Clinton, after more than twenty years in the public eye, still has a conceivable chance to become the first woman elected President of the United States?

I contend it’s the latter. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a very flawed individual, let alone candidate for President. From the early Whitewater Scandal that began in Arkansas to her role in Benghazi as Secretary of State, Clinton is rife with corruption and moral deficiencies. The fact that so many in the GOP are afraid of her is utterly mind boggling.

The idea that Hillary Clinton is, or has ever been, considered a serious candidate for the highest office in the land, is nothing, if not pathetic. It’s a testament to the slavish left-wing media, an uneducated voting populace, cultural decay, and the vacant moral compass of people willing to do or say anything to keep or attain total power. All of these stars from hell aligned for Barack Obama in 2008, could they align again for Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Hillary Clinton has written no less than four “memoirs.” Her current regurgitation of her wonderful exploits according to her, Hard Choices, has her currently ranked as the #14 top selling author on Amazon. The book is conspicuously absent from the New York Times bestsellers list at the time of this writing. She’s currently spinning her wheels on a nationwide book tour, meeting with the usual suspects in media, reaching out with her tentacles to sully even more of the culture than she already has.

The point is, we know who she is, we know what she’s done. Were she to be elected President, it would be the culmination of the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. The hoax of Barack Obama is that he was elected with his ability to fool the multitudes into believing that he was qualified, and thus voting for him in 2008. After that, it was strictly class warfare, racial identity politics, and Alinsky tactics to hold on to power. Barack Obama isn’t fooling anyone anymore.

The hoax of Hillary Clinton is ongoing. It continues still. She has a lot of help, though. The media is still in awe of the Clinton mystique, the neutered GOP is still afraid of the Clinton political machine, afraid of being called a racist or in Clinton’s case, picking on the girl. The radical left is as delirious as always. Throw in the Clinton’s ability to revise history and tell outright lies, and you have the perfect storm for a hoax of epic proportions. Hillary knows this better than anyone, and she’s perfectly willing to accept the job, and enter the highest office in the land under the false pretense that she’s qualified to do anything other than be a flunky lawyer on someone’s staff. Preferably investigating some government official and lying about them.

Hillary Clinton is a formidable opponent, I suppose. But not for the reasons that you’d expect one to be formidable. She’s not a good decision maker, she doesn’t have revolutionary policy ideas that would help America get back on track, she’s an obvious light weight when it comes to foreign policy, and contrary to popular belief she’s not all that smart either. Oh, and one other thing, herfavorability is slipping in the polls. But regardless of these negative factors, Clinton still has the cult of personality on her side, inconceivably.

So the question is should the GOP continue to cower in fear of this overhyped, well worn, played out, protected by the media, political light weight that given a level playing field couldn’t be elected to the local school board? No. No they shouldn’t. But they most likely will. I for one am not afraid of Hillary Clinton. Being afraid of her is giving her power that she’s neither earned nor deserves.

Who I am afraid of, are those that have fallen for the hoax. There are more than enough voters out there who believe the myth. Those who think she deserves to be President. (There’s nothing worse than someone who thinks they deserve something when they really don’t). Those who long for the days of Bill Clinton. Those who feel they betrayed her in 2008 and want to dutifully pay her back. Those who have buyers remorse over Barack Obama and want to do it right this time. The uninformed who are always with us. The stupid who are always with us even more. And let’s not forget, the insaneThat’s who I’m afraid of.

(Cross-posted at Rotten to the Core)