An open letter to Erick Erickson

Hi Erick,

I hope things are going well for you over at The Resurgent… actually, that’s why I’m writing.  I love the site.  It’s my second stop after RedState.

But there’s a problem.

I can find no way to leave feedback — which I get, is probably by design.

But some feedback is good.  Like, for example, when someone wants to tell you that something you’ve published and to which you’ve signed your name — is wrong.

I don’t mean arguing about policy positions, I mean errors which make your writing say the opposite of what it appears you are trying to say or create confusion.

Just today, in Marcomentum Returns: Marco Rubio Is Tied With Ted Cruz:

Cruz, in a nasty war with Trump and Rubio, has seen his negatives plummet while Rubio has begun deploying the old Cruz strategy of treating Trump with kid gloves.

Obviously, you mean his negatives skyrocket or his likability plummet.

But that’s not all.  Just today, in Campaign 2016 Becomes a Suicide Pact:

If Cruz is the nominee, Hillary Clinton will play over and over the clip of Rubio calling Cruz a liar.
If Cruz is the nominee, Hillary will play over and over the clip of Cruz calling Rubio a liar.

Obviously, the second if is supposed to refer to Rubio.

But I can’t tell you about any of these that happen daily — because there’s no feedback on the site.

Like I said, I find this sort of thing daily.  Now, for Joe Blow it’s not a problem.  It might be more important to someone that makes his living as a writer.  I don’t know.  It would to me.

Anyway.  I’d strongly encourage you to either enable some way to provide editorial feedback or hire an actual proof-reader.

I hope the family is well — and wishing you blessings,