An open letter to Senator Marco Rubio

Hello Senator Rubio,

Can I call you Marco?  I feel like since I’m baring my inner thoughts, we surely are on a first name basis, right?

I like you Marco.  I do.  You’re a handsome man with a beautiful family.  You’re confident, well-spoken and possessing a strong conservative mindset.

I would not call myself a “fan” per se, but I can say I’ve viewed you favorably — with a few exceptions — since you were the Tea Party contender for the Senate in 2010.

When considering the “Gang of 8” boondoggle, I only really see two alternatives:
1. you actually support the legalization/amnesty portion of the bill, or
2. you allowed yourself to be co-opted by some shrewd progressives to play pied piper to get conservatives to follow along.

Neither of these is particularly confidence inspiring to a conservative.  But, I’m part of the group that cautiously considers it a situation where the lesson has been learned.  We do not trust DC to follow through on the security part unless we force them to do so.

In the 2016 Presidential race, you are solidly my #2 guy.  I’ve plainly called for voters to vote for either you or Ted depending on who had the better chance to take the top spot… with an all-conservative policy showdown for the nomination being the prize.

But we have a problem.  A serious problem.

You — not your campaign — you — have recently taken to attacking Ted with this “Ted stole Ben’s votes” trope.

Let’s review:
– Ted’s campaign — not Ted — acted on a CNN TV broadcast where the hosts implied in numerous ways that Ben’s campaign, which appeared ready to close up shop numerous times already, was calling it quits.
– CNN broadcast TV did not “clear up” the implication for several hours.
– Any reference to tweets — and I can’t believe I have to say this — is disingenuous.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, would take CNN’s tweeting on social media to override what’s been reported on broadcast TV.
– Ted has several times — privately and publicly — tried to make things right.
– Ben outperformed his polls so that’s not an indication of any vote stealing.
– To the degree that Ted outperformed his polling, credit is given to his performance of the “Full Grassley” and constructing the best ground game Iowan Republicans have seen in decades, if ever.
– To what shall we attribute your outperforming of the polls?  (Or maybe the massive ground game led to the record turnout and that benefited both Ted and you.  You’re welcome.)
– I can find exactly zero reports of caucus goers changing votes as a result of this “Carson Out” claim.
– I can find exactly zero reports of caucus goers claiming that Cruz representatives even used that information to make an appeal for their vote.
– There are also ties to you on the “Carson Rumor”, though they appear to be excited supporters rather than campaign staff — and that is a difference with a distinction, but does that alleviate you of any responsibility to address it?

So, as someone that has granted you the understanding and suspension of disbelief you asked for on the “Gang of 8”, let me ask — no, let me tell you:

Either present some evidence this “Carson Out” claim was actually made at some caucus events or move on.

Seriously.  Many of us have already granted you grace once.

And I’m telling you now:
If I hear “Ted stole Ben’s votes in Iowa” from you or your campaign one…more…time, you’ll have 12 hours to address and recant it via the most public venue possible.

Failing that, I’ll sooner eat the nuggets from my cat’s litter box covered in “gravy” scraped from the bottom of the dumpster behind the local McDonald’s than cast or encourage a single Rubio vote.

Let me boil that down in case my metaphor is not carrying the message… I will NOT vote for you.

Here’s hoping this matter is put to rest.