An open letter to the Republican "king makers"

Stop.  Just stop.

I’m talking to you, Bob Dole.  You too George Will.  Oh sure, yes, also you Dr. Krauthammer.

Shut up.

Seriously.  Get with the program.

For years you have been teaching and preaching we should always show up and support the party candidate even after ours was left behind — and we have.  Now it’s your turn.

Stop it already with the threats to stay home.

There is not a single person running for the Republican nomination that isn’t markedly better than a Hillary administration would be.   Yes, some are better than others, but this infantile “take your ball and go home” temper tantrum has to stop.

Every time you trot this out you validate the idea that staying home on election day sucking your thumb is appropriate.

It’s not.

First Trump, now Cruz?  Why don’t you just come out and TELL us which candidate gives you jollies?

If Cruz can garner enough support to carry the nomination — who are you to run him down?  Who are you to tell us we’re too stupid to choose?

And while I’m on the topic of Cruz… I’ve heard some comparisons to Goldwater.  Perhaps.  And if you try to undermine him we might not have to endure a Goldwater embarrassment.  Know what else we’ll have little chance of?  A Reagan style conservative in the White House.