I’m solidly in the NeverTrump camp but have recently realized I can be reasonable.

I have recently stated on many occasions that I am not only NeverTrump, but #NeverTrump.Ever.  I have decided to somewhat soften this stance.  Here’s why.

I cannot and will not vote for Donald J. Trump this November for three principle reasons:

1)  Several of his stated positions are not conservative and, in fact, more aligned with liberals.  He doesn’t appear to have a political/philosophical compass on which he bases any of his positions.  This is quite concerning.

2)  During the primary campaign, he repeatedly changed several positions or blatantly lied about positions or his competitors.  As such, it makes no difference what he has said or may say in the next few months that could potentially be appealing to conservatives.  I cannot trust that what he says he means, believes or will stick with as President.

3)  He is simply a dishonorable man.  From his morality to how he treats others is despicable and turns my stomach.  His win at all costs is a terrible precedent to establish.  In my mind, his behavior should not be rewarded with a successful presidential campaign in November.  If he wins, imagine what that will bring to future campaign strategy and behavior.  It must stop and stop now.

However…..if Mr. Trump does manage to pull off a victory in November (without my vote, mind you) I will experience just a pang of joy knowing that Hillary has been beaten by such a baffoon.  I will also give my new president an opportunity to lead the country toward conservative solutions.  To date, there is nothing to convince me he will do this, but I will give him the chance to prove me wrong.  If he does prove me wrong by:

  • Replacing ObamaCare with market-based healthcare solutions
  • Replacing our tax structure with either a fair-tax or flat-tax (for which he has not indicated support to date)
  • Defunded Planned Parenthood
  • Appointed constitutional justices to the Supreme Court; and
  • Returned significant governing authority to the states (where it belongs).

….THEN, I will consider voting for his re-election in 2020.  For in that year, we will have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight on the real President Trump from which we can better evaluate his leadership.

So I am reasonable.  Not NeverTrumpEver.  Just NeverTrump2016.