Just Yell in Trump's Backswing

I’ve been pondering how one might effectively communicate to Mr. Donald J. Trump why his primary campaign behavior is viewed so dishonorably by those of us who value honor.

I think I may have come up with such a tactic:  his love for the game of golf.

Mr. Trump boasts about his golfing prowess, playing to a scratch handicap and building some of the world’s greatest golf courses.  His golfing companions are legendary, including Former House Speaker John Boehner and conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh.

Now golf is a “gentleman’s” game which is entirely based on truth and honor.  In many instances, violations of the rules can only be called on oneself.  In addition there are activities that, while not against the rules, are nonetheless considered contrary to the spirit of the game.  A game which he dearly loves, mind you.

These activities include:

  • Not walking in the line of your opponent’s putt.
  • Intentionally providing your opponent with incorrect yardage (though it is against the rules to ask your opponent which club he/she used on a particular shot).
  • Moving or yelling during your opponent’s backswing.

So, if I had the opportunity to play a round of golf with Mr. Trump, I would enjoy leveraging any advantage within the rules to secure a victory.  I’d particularly enjoy yelling “Donald is a Loser” or “You-da-Loser!” as loud as my lungs would allow to promote a slice, hook, or even better, the dreaded chunk-shot.

Yes, I would really enjoy providing this object lesson to Mr. Trump.  But if I won in such a manner, I’d feel sick to my stomach.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.  I guess it’s because I understand what winning honorably is all about.