Flash: Huckabee??

Please forgive the brevity of this post.  It’s intended as more of a news item than a posting of analysis.

According to my sources, former Arkansas governer Mike Huckabee is seriously considering venturing back into the GOP 2012 presidential race.  If he decides to do so, he’ll likely announce within the week.


As RedState’s likely staunchest Huckabee supporter in 2008, I have mixed feelings about him throwing his hat into the ring.  I think Herman Cain is a better selection this time around.  If Huckabee is concerned about the current field, specifically Romney and Perry, I’m not sure what he brings to the table now.  His stance on state college tuition assistance to children of illegal immigrants is nearly identical to Gov. Perry’s…and we all know how that’s worked out for Perry in the last few days.  Perry is also perceived as stronger on crime (due to Huckabee’s perceived pardon problem as Governor). 

Huckabee’s support of the Fair Tax has now been pre-empted with Cain’s 9-9-9.   He’s a good debator, but so is Cain.

I’d love to see Mike as Secretary of HHS under a Cain administration.