Rising Cain?

The most recent Zogby poll of likely GOP primary voters shows Herman Cain has rocketed from relative obscurity to the most preferred candidate (19%), ahead of Chris Christie (16%), and Mitt Romney (11 percent).


In addition, Gallup is now reporting that Cain’s positive intensity is stronger than other GOP candidates and prospects.


It is not surprising that the mainstream media haven’t picked up on what I call a significant event in the early election season.  It somewhat surprises me that Drudge hasn’t run the story yet.  However, I’m quite surprised that I haven’t seen these stories on RedState yet.  This looks like a front pager to me (and, yes, I know the serious observers don’t place a lot of weight on early election polling or the efficacy of Zogby).

Nonetheless, the former journalist in me senses a big story here…and no one seems to be covering it yet.