At RedState Gathering, I Just Met the Next U.S. President

It’s been awhile since my last blog entry.  It’s not that I haven’t had things to say.  It’s just that I’ve been busy running my small business during tough economic times.  Nonetheless, I’ve been actively reading the site and keeping abreast of the issues.

Several months ago I made the decision to attend my first RedState Gathering…and I’m writing this blog from the event.   I can already tell this is not a decision I will ever regret.

Call me naive, but before today I had not heard of Herman Cain.  This is surprising because I’m truly a political news junkie.  Yes, I had heard of someone named “Cain” and had heard about a political activist who used to be the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, but I never paid much attention.  After all, the potential GOP field for 2012 President is already overloaded.

My eyes have been opened.  Cain was one of several speakers at today’s Gathering.  He brought the house down.  If he decides to run — and he is “prayerfully considering” it — he will be a force to reckon with.  A true, full-fledged, articulate conservative with the charisma to invigorate America in ways which will make Obama pale in comparison.  And, oh, yes…he happens to be a minority.

I look forward to hearing more from him and seeing him become more prominent and visible in the political arena.

I kid you not…if he decides to run (and I pray he does)…watch out!

Mr. Ed

“Straight from the Horse’s Mouth.”