GM TV Ad Malfunction. How appropriate.

This morning I was watching This Week on ABC.  During one of the commercial breaks a new Chevrolet advertisement appeared.

In the 60 second spot, the new Chevy CEO was walking and talking in glitzy Madison Avenue style in front of new or newly redesigned Chevy automobile products.  The music soundtrack was upbeat and positive.  I’m sure Mr. Chevy CEO was saying some really nice things about the quality and affordability of his company’s cars.

Only one problem.  You could see him.  You could hear the music.  His mouth was moving.  But nothing he said could be heard.

Not sure where the problem was.  It could have been in the original production.  It could have been a bad copy the network played.  It could have been a bad copy for the local station.  In any event, it was another embarrassing moment for Government Motors.